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Update January 6

Good Afternoon FMF Cape Breton,

Welcome to the New Year!

Please note there is no update for today.

Have a wonderful week.




Update December 14

CO’s Message: Reversion to 3A ‘Surge’ Posture on 14 Dec

Sent on behalf of the CO:

Refs.: A. Email direction, “FMF Reversion to ‘3B Sustain’ Posture 30 Nov 20 – 3 Jan 21”, CO FMFCB to FMFCB work force, 25 Nov 20
B. MARPAC – JTFP Business Continuity Plan (BCP) – Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton – Annex A – Op LASER, 15 Mar 20
C. 3555-1600-1 (PM/RDIMS 1063256) Tasking Order – FMF CAPE BRETON Limited Business Resumption Plan (BRP), 20 May 20
D. 3555-1600-1 (OM/RDIMS 1074921) FRAG O 001 to CO FMF CB Tasking Order – FMF CAPE BRETON Limited Business Resumption Plan (BRP), 6 Jul 20
E. British Columbia COVID-19 Dashboard, accessed 10 Dec 20
F. Email, “Base Surgeon Update”, Dr. I. Kirby, LCdr to Unit/Command/HQ COs/COSs/DCOs, 9 Dec 20 (NOTAL)


At ref A, I directed that FMFCB assume our ‘3B Sustain’ posture in accordance with ref B from 30 Nov 20. I did so because, at that time, the number of new COVID-19 cases on Vancouver Island were growing, and I was determined to reduce the risk of transmission ahead of our busy maintenance period in January. Furthermore, we knew we were able to change posture quickly because of our inherent flexibility as a ‘strategic asset’ providing timely maintenance of the fleet dependent on prevailing circumstances.

At this time, the conditions on the island have changed again. From August through October, the data from ref E shows that the weekly average of new daily cases in the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) Region was between 0.6 and 2.3. This number climbed through November to 17.3 average daily new cases the week before I gave the direction at ref A, and 20.1 the week I released the direction. However, since then, numbers have been steadily declining in VIHA, with average daily new cases at 12.4 last week, and 10.1 for the data available thus far for this week. Furthermore, the Base Surgeon’s Medical Director noted at ref F that, though the Fraser Health Authority Region currently has the highest prevalence of COVID-19 in Canada, at 14%, the Victoria area had been at 0.2% prevalence, and in the last two weeks climbed to 0.9% before dropping back to 0.6% prevalence.

FMFCB has an opportunity to act on the flexibility that indeed makes us a strategic asset: we can (and will) react quickly to the low and decreasing risk of COVID-19 in the local area and revert to our ‘3A Surge’ posture in a timely manner based on local conditions.

The objective in reverting posture will be to keep up, as best as we can, with the significant work-load in support of RCN readiness requirements now through January, and to reduce the continued growth of the maintenance debt in the fleet. We should have more than enough work to keep us busy – VAN is in a heavily-loaded work period, and CAL’s pre-deployment work period starts Monday, with a lot of late inject work due to defects encountered at sea and increasing risk of existing defects. In addition, we must attend to REG’s DGs. We must also take the opportunity to get ahead on maintenance in VIC and WIN where possible, which both start work periods 4 Jan 21.

With this last surge of effort before the holiday season leave period, we will have best positioned the Navy for the New Year and demonstrated that we are and always will be a flexible strategic asset for the Government of Canada.

As such, I direct the following:

  • FMFCB will revert to the ‘3A Surge’ posture iaw ref B on 14 Dec 20, thus standing down the ‘red/green team’ posture and instead bringing back all personnel who contribute to onsite work; but
  • This does not mean that any leave will be cancelled, though managers and supervisors may be required to manage their teams to ensure continued work on a few ‘critical path’ jobs.

Thank you again for your continued work and flexibility in changing circumstances – while this ensures that we can best meet short-term objectives, it also demonstrates how indispensable FMFCB to the RCN.


Capt(N) / Capv M. Drews




Update November 30

Subject: FMFCB Reversion to ‘3B Sustain’ Posture 30 Nov 20 – 3 Jan 21

Refs.: A. MARPAC – JTFP Business Continuity Plan (BCP) – Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton – Annex A – Op LASER, 15 Mar 20
B. 3555-1600-1 (PM/RDIMS 1063256) Tasking Order – FMF CAPE BRETON Limited Business Resumption Plan (BRP), 20 May 20
C. 3555-1600-1 (OM/RDIMS 1074921) FRAG O 001 to CO FMF CB Tasking Order – FMF CAPE BRETON Limited Business Resumption Plan (BRP), 6 Jul 20


We have been working hard to sustain the fleet since the outset of Op LASER and the DND/CAF COVID-19 response in March 2020. Since July, we have been executing as much work as possible in our ‘3A Surge’ posture in accordance with our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) at ref A – this has required most of the work force onsite in order to maximize output while the threat of COVID-19 has been relatively low in the local area. Our return to work has also followed the direction at refs B and C, the FMF CB Exposure Control Plan (ECP), and other applicable directives.

As I am sure many of you have been tracking, the prevalence of COVID-19 on the Vancouver Island has been growing quickly over the last few weeks, and the province instituted stricter guidelines at the end of last week. In response to this, the FMF management team in conjunction with Union Leadership has been reviewing our current SOPs and options to enhance protection of our entire team.

Furthermore, once we complete the short work period in HMCS Regina today, we will have only one ongoing work period, in HMCS Vancouver, plus ongoing critical repairs in HMCS Victoria. We will start a work period in HMCS Calgary 15 Dec 20, and a work period in VIC 4 Jan 21, from which point we will be heavily loaded with four concurrent work periods through most of January.

As such, I am directing the following, in order to protect the health and safety of the FMFCB workforce and their families:

  • FMFCB will change to our ‘3B Sustain’ posture starting Monday, 30 Nov 20. As described in the BCP, we will split back into ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ teams, alternating which team is onsite each week, starting with Green team onsite the week of 30 Nov 20;
  • Para 8 of the BCP, which requires fixed work hours, will be held in abeyance. Managers/supervisors can allow their staff to continue to work in accordance with approved Flexible Work Agreements, or direct their employees to work on shift, if these remain appropriate in the 3B posture;
  • Furthermore, where employees are able to conduct their primary tasks from home, managers are authorized to allow them to do so, including during their ‘onsite’ week. This will help to further reduce the numbers of personnel onsite, and hence to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19;
  • In the 3B posture, it may occasionally be required to bring people in to work during their ‘work from home’ week in order to execute critical path work without delay, particularly in VIC; and
  • My intent at this point in time is that we will resume our ‘3A Surge’ posture starting 4 Jan 21, but I will reserve a final decision on this closer to that date, dependent on COVID conditions at that time. We will continuously monitor the local/regional situation and update this direction as required.

This change in posture will help to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in the workforce leading up to the holiday period and the follow-on busy January period, while still allowing us to keep VIC repairs on track and VAN’s work period on track to prepare for future deployments.

Thank you for your ongoing work throughout this sometimes stressful pandemic – our accomplishments have been many, and we’ve managed to stay safe so far. Please keep following public health measures (PHMs) and look after yourselves and your families as we move into winter and the holiday season.

Capt(N) / Capv M. Drews





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