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  • Over a barrel

    Jackspeak: Over a Barrel

    To be over a barrel means to be in a tricky situation or at a disadvantage compared to another person. The phrase is commonly used today and has two derivations related to the maritime environment. The first alludes to an old practice of reviving a drowning victim by placing the casualty over a barrel and […]

  • Naomi Morrell, Roller Girl

    Roller Girl gets ready to rumble

    Peter Mallett, Staff Writer — Lacing up her roller skates and putting on a Team Canada jersey is a huge deal to Naomi Morrell. The 16-year-old is preparing to represent Canada at the 2023 Roller Derby Junior World Cup in France this July. “The idea of representing Canada hasn’t quite set in yet, it feels too big […]

  • Shoot Like a Girl

    Shoot Like A Girl podcast says you can too

    Kateryna Bandura, Lookout Editor — Master Sailor (MS) Kate Gouthro loves listening to podcasts, but remembers saying she could never start a podcast because she is an introvert. Now, as a host of a women-centric podcast, she loves what she does. “I hope younger women who are struggling to find a career path might listen to these […]

  • Naval Reserve Centennial 2023

    Canada’s Naval Reserve celebrates centennial

    LCdr Paul Pendergast, Naval Reserve, Public Affairs — The Naval Reserve will celebrate a big milestone in 2023, marking 100 years of service to Canada. There will be commemorative events and activities throughout the year, most of them conducted locally by Canada’s 24 Naval Reserve Divisions, located in most major cities nation-wide. Some events will also be […]

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