MFRC: four letters you need to remember!

MFRC: four letters you need to remember

Holly Bridges and CWO Trevor Bull, 
RCAF Family Advocate 

Be sure to register with your MFRC and check the consent box on your Family Care Plan.
There are so many things to consider, to plan, and to put in place when it comes to any type of move, especially a military move. It is often one of the most stressful things that happens in a military family’s life!

We, in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), have access to a group of services that can help us through this stressful time (and many others) by providing us with resources, information and contacts to help guide us during our move. These services come from your local Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC.)

MFRCs are located at all Bases and Wings across Canada. Services are also available to our OUTCAN members, and they have a substantial virtual presence. MFRC locations and services can be viewed at by selecting your local community. This will set you on your journey to the many services available in your area or at your next posting.

Some of the services and assistance offered could include:

• Facilitating a family’s integration into their new community and helping the family choose an environment that meets their needs (daycare, school, local services, special needs, etc.);
• Supporting the transition from one province to another (driver’s license, family doctor, daycare, etc.);
• When operational tempo gets overwhelming, the MFRC can assist with things such as finding options for casual daycare, respite care, etc.;
• Providing access to services to help deal with children’s behavioural issues and reactions to changes (moving, absences, re-integration);
• Acting as a conduit to a member’s parents when they are worried, have no news or may need reassurance;
• Facilitating the development of social and mutual aid networks through activities designed to alleviate isolation; and
• Assisting with any other requirements for information, guidance, referral and support to promote family well-being.

How do you access these services?

For privacy reasons, the MFRC cannot reach out to every person or family through ‘cold calling’, thus the best way to access services is to walk in and meet the people who work at your local MFRC. Talk to them, see what they have to offer, register and provide them with your contact information so that they can connect with you and your family. CAF members can also provide family contact information and consent from their orderly room during their Annual Readiness Verification.

Finally, visit to select your local community and check out the different ways you can stay connected.

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