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Volume 68, Issue 33, August 21, 2023

Volume 68, Issue 33, August 21, 2023

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<strong>Resistance and Therapy</strong>

Resistance and Therapy

Therapy is a confrontation of the psychological resistance we face. This resistance is omnipresent and shows up in myriad ways; uncovering it is essential to know what we are up against.

<strong>Résistance et thérapie</strong>

Résistance et thérapie

La résistance est une loi naturelle ; c’est l’un des ingrédients de notre réalité. Nous y sommes confrontés dans tout ce que nous faisons.

<strong>NST offers new qualification options</strong>

NST offers new qualification options

The RBTO course is a new course at NST, planned to be conducted four times a year. It trains qualified response boat operators to augment and assist NST in force protection. At home, the team assists with transitions to harbour defense to ensure the safety of civilian vessels, allied vessels, and Canadian ships. Abroad, the team works with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and NATO-friendly countries through capacity building and interoperability training.

<strong>“I Have the Watch!”: Change of Command at HMCS Venture</strong>

“I Have the Watch!”: Change of Command at HMCS Venture

During the forenoon of July 26, Captain (Navy) (Capt(N)) Matthew Coates, Commander Naval Training Group, presided over a ceremony that saw the command of HMCS Venture pass from Commander (Cdr) Mike Stefanson to Cdr Darren Sleen.

Captain (Navy) Kevin Whiteside, Base Commander of CFB Esquimalt, reads through a copy of the Lookout Newspaper with Jazmin Holdway, Lookout Manager at the Ship to Shore Industrial Trade Show at Wurtele Arena on Aug. 1. Photos: Peter Mallett/Lookout Newspaper

Ship To Shore makes big splash at Wurtele

The Ship-to-Shore Industrial Tradeshow replaced the former Industrial Supplier Tradeshow, traditionally held each year in September. Hosted by The Lookout Newspaper, the moment marked the return of the industrial tradeshow staged at the Base since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.



<strong>L'équipe K9 s'entraîne avec succès au "tremblement de terre</strong>

L’équipe K9 s’entraîne avec succès au “tremblement de terre

Quatre maîtres-chiens et leurs chiens de l’Association canadienne des chiens de recherche et de sauvetage de l’île de Vancouver (VISDDAC) ont travaillé avec 25 membres de l’équipe de recherche et de sauvetage en milieu urbain (MUSAR) de la BFC Esquimalt dans le cadre d’un exercice d’une semaine à Work Point, au début du mois de juin.

<strong>K9 team finds success in ‘Quake training</strong>

K9 team finds success in ‘Quake training

A team of internationally certified rescue dog handlers has completed their first training exercise with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).