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  • Helicopter crew member's journey to sea

    Helicopter crew member’s journey to sea

    Sgt Ryan Harpell443 MH Squadron, HMCS Winnipeg–– This journey began many months before ever stepping foot on the deck of HMCS Winnipeg and sailing away for a four-month deployment on Operations Neon and Projection. It began in the summer of 2020 when I received news I would be the next Air Detachment Sergeant from the […]

  • Wings of the Fleet: Maritime Helicopter on Operations with HMCS Winnipeg

    Wings of the Fleet: Maritime Helicopter on Operations with HMCS Winnipeg

    Capt John Jacob HMCS Winnipeg–– An embarked Helicopter Air Detachment (HELAIRDET) is a force multiplier for any Royal Canadian Navy ship going to sea. The CH-148 Cyclone boasts an array of modern surface and sub-surface sensor suites and an integrated mission data management system that allows this maritime helicopter to excel in the modern battle […]

  • CFMWS Community Needs Assessment Survey

    CFMWS Community Needs Assessment Survey

    Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) is launching another Community Needs Assessment (CNA) Survey, this time with a different focus. Instead of re-assessing collective needs and program deficiencies, the 2021 assessment will look at community needs from a micro-level perspective, such as when is the best time to offer programming and how and when […]

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  • Lookout Newspaper

    Lookout Newspaper

    The Lookout is an award-winning weekly base newspaper. It is the main source of news for CFB Esquimalt’s military members, veterans, civilian employees, and their families. It has a weekly print distribution of 3,000, plus a considerable online reach. Email or call 250-363-3372 to book an ad. See Advertise section for rate sheet.

  • CFB Esquimalt Winter Activity Guide 2021

    Activity Guides

    The Maritime Forces Pacific Activity Guide is a comprehensive booklet on all recreational, health, wellness and family programs available to the Defence community. It has a distribution of 3,000 copies per issue, and is produced three times a year. Email or call 250-363-3372 to book an ad. See Advertise section for rate sheet.

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