CFB Esquimalt

Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Esquimalt, located west of Victoria, British Columbia has a long history within the community. It was first established as a military installation by the Royal Navy in 1855 and has continually served the Royal Canadian Navy since its inception in 1910. CFB Esquimalt is the 2nd largest base in Canada (by population) and is home to the Pacific Fleet, one of two Naval Formations.

CFB Esquimalt is sometimes referred to as the 14th municipality of Greater Victoria, making the Base Commander “the mayor”. Like a municipality, it has its own fire department, police, post office, library, medical clinic, churches, resource centers, and newspaper, the Lookout. Additionally, it performs the role of Harbour Authority for the Esquimalt Harbour.

CFB Esquimalt supports Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) in its role of generating and maintaining multi-purpose, combat capable maritime forces prepared to conduct operations in Canadian waters and abroad. As virtually every Canadian depends on international maritime trade either for employment or for consumer benefits, MARPAC helps ensure the continuing flow of goods through the operational presence of its fleet in their area of responsibility – 1.7 million square kilometres in the northeast Pacific Ocean. CFB Esquimalt supports MARPAC Operations through enabling the Pacific Fleet’s participation in collective defense operations with Canada’s allies in the international arena.

CFB Esquimalt consists of more than just Her Majesty’s Canadian Dockyard and Naden. While these areas do encompass the “heart” of base holdings, CFB Esquimalt’s portfolio consists of 23 sites including properties on the mainland in Vancouver and one as far north as Haida Gwaii. 863 work buildings and 706 Residential Housing Units collectively measuring 425,000 gross square metres as well as piers, roads, jetties, land and utility distribution which together have an estimated replacement value of $2 billion.

CFB Esquimalt is the 3rd largest employer in the Capital Regional District of Greater Victoria and plays a significant economic role in the area. Local spending impacts both direct and indirect are estimated to be nearly $800 million. The disposable income of the approximately 5000 military personnel 2,000 civilian employees is estimated to be $241 million. In any given year an additional 2600 military personnel will be trained at Fleet School Esquimalt.

As with any organisation that is over 100 years old, CFB Esquimalt is constantly rebuilding and upgrading to meet operational, environmental, and technological innovations. This has a continuing positive impact on local construction, manufacturers, and suppliers.

CFB Esquimalt is made up of six branches: Executive, Information Services, Logistics, Safety and Environment, Port Operations and Emergency Services, Administration and also supports several lodger units, who while geographically located in B.C., do not report directly to the base.

The Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy

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The Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is comprised of 35 professional full-time musicians whose primary role within the RCN is to support Naval Operations, ceremonial events, and generate public awareness, helping to facilitate a greater understanding of the role the RCN serves in protecting Canadian interests at home and abroad.

Over the past 75 years, the Naden Band has established and maintained a reputation of presenting audiences at home and abroad with musical performances of the highest calibre, while taking pride in making a difference within the communities it serves.

Under the direction of Lieutenant (N) Matthew Clark (CD), the band performs in a variety of large and small ensembles ranging from symphonic concert band, marching band, jazz band, Dixieland band, rock and contemporary ensembles as well as brass and woodwind quintets.

Within the RCN, the Naden Band performs a number of ceremonial duties such as parades (Remembrance Day, Battle of Atlantic, Changes of Command), ship departures and arrivals, and military dinners. The band’s presence at such events helps to preserve naval customs and traditions while heightening morale and esprit de corps.

Musical support is integral to many Governmental functions including the opening of the Provincial Legislature, official visits from heads of state, and other events in which the Lieutenant Governor, Prime Minister of Canada, Governor General of Canada or the Royal Family are present.

The Naden Band strives to serve as a role model within the local community by using music as a means to make positive change in the lives of others. In addition to supporting the Military Family Resource Centre and the United Way Government Workplace Charitable Campaign, the band maintains a number of community partnerships and outreach programs, including local music Cadets Corps and educational school concerts. The band has recently engaged in meaningful musical collaborations in the Greater Victoria Area including concerts with the University of Victoria’s School of Music and the Victoria Philharmonic Choir.

Esquimalt MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre)

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In 1991, the Department of National Defence officially recognized the important contributions military families make to the Canadian Forces. It established the Military Family Support Program, and authorized the creation of Military Family Resource Centres at each Canadian Forces installation. Today, the Esquimalt MFRC is one of 43 MFRCs located in Canada and abroad. Like all MFRCs, we are a community-based organization with the sole responsibility of addressing the needs of the military family.

The Esquimalt MFRC is a registered charitable organization. Our charitable tax number is 138070578 RR0001.
Our Vision

A proud, resilient military family thriving in a dynamic and supportive community.
Our Mission

To enhance resilience in military families through provision of programs and services that serve, involve and advocate for the military community and their families and address the unique challenges of the military family lifestyle and will result in enhanced quality of life and enable military operations.
Our Credo

We believe our first responsibility is to the military community and their families. In meeting their needs, everything we do must be done with integrity and respect. We will strive to ensure all will be treated in a confidential, non-judgmental manner that respects individuality and provides equal treatment for all. We must serve our clients promptly and in a way that encourages personal empowerment. It is our core belief that families matter.

We are responsive to the Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific, Base Commander and the Directorate of Military Family Services whom we work with as equal partners. We will strive to build a greater understanding of our role and ensure our partners are fully informed about the organization and the community that we serve. We must be accountable through our actions and demonstrate our commitment, integrity and uniqueness. We must keep them informed through respectful and honest communication. Their guidance and support is important to our success.

Our commitment is to progress as a learning organization: an organization that uses tools to think and learn together, communicate and cooperate. We will foster these activities at all levels. We will work to empower all those involved to develop, learn, create, seek excellence and reflect so they continually increase their capacity to produce results they really care about.

Esquimalt PSP (Personnel Support Services)

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We bring Morale & Welfare to life through: Fitness, Health Promotion, Recreation, Sponsorship, and Sports programs, and our Lookout newspaper.

Get in touch with our health and fitness, sports and recreation, communication, and facilities experts. We’re ready and able – and enthusiastic – to help!

For general enquiries, please call:
Naden Athletic Centre Kiosk 250-363-5677

Personnel Support Programs
CFB Esquimalt
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