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<strong>Once in a blue moon: </strong><em>Climbing Mount Fuji in Japan overnight</em>

Once in a blue moon: Climbing Mount Fuji in Japan overnight

‘Once in a blue moon’ is an expression that rarely coincides with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and an actual blue moon. In this case, a lucky few of His Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS) Ottawa and Vancouver’s crew  climbed Mount Fuji’s summit during August’s second full moon: coincidentally, a ‘super blue moon’.

<strong>Aviator makes new connections in Tribal Journey</strong>

Aviator makes new connections in Tribal Journey

Tribal Journey began in 1989 and has a different destination and host community each year. This year’s Canoe Journey 2023: Paddle to Muckleshoot event spanned 18 days from July 21 to Aug. 7. It involved approximately 10,000 paddlers along with hundreds of canoes and support staff from 65 First Nations Communities across B.C. and Washington. Indigenous paddling teams from as far as Hawaii and New Zealand also travelled to the Pacific Northwest to participate.

<strong>Un aviateur noue de nouvelles relations en voyage tribal</strong>

Un aviateur noue de nouvelles relations en voyage tribal

Le canoë de 30 pieds de la nation T’Sou-ke, le Elder Spirit, a été sculpté à la main par le regretté maître sculpteur Fred Peter il y a plusieurs années. Usé et fissuré, il a consciencieusement transporté une équipe de 18 pagayeurs jusqu’à leur destination finale lors de la Tribal Journey de cette année.

<strong>Op Pegasus’ healing power <em>hitting new heights</em></strong>

Op Pegasus’ healing power hitting new heights

Two Afghanistan War veterans say jumping from an airplane at heights of 3,500 feet and higher is the perfect medicine for overcoming service-related injuries.

HMCS Malahat to participate in Freedom of the City 

HMCS Malahat to participate in Freedom of the City 

In conjunction with the Naval Reserve Centennial, HMCS Malahat will exercise its Freedom of the City on Sept. 23, along with many other Naval Reserve Divisions across Canada. The observance, commencing at 10:00 a.m., will include a parade through the streets of downtown Victoria and a ceremony in Centennial Square.

<strong>Formation Fun Day: </strong>A fall festival of friendly fun!

Formation Fun Day: A fall festival of friendly fun!

This event is to show our military and DND community how much they are appreciated for their service and sacrifice as well as welcome newly posted members and their families to the base for a day of fun

<strong>Making smart withdrawals from your RESP</strong>

Making smart withdrawals from your RESP

Check out these six tips to ensure you get the most significant benefit from all those years of saving and find out why it is better to wait and draw from the Post-Secondary Education (PSE) fund only after you’ve depleted the Educational Assistance Payments (EAP).

The Chief and Petty Officers’ Association Band

The Chief and Petty Officers’ Association Band

The band currently has a core group of retired military musicians and welcomes serving military members, base personnel or family members who want to continue to use their musical skills. If you are interested in joining or trying out the band, please get in touch with or contact us via the website

L’orchestre de la Chief and Petty Officers’ Association

L’orchestre de la Chief and Petty Officers’ Association

Après plus de 30 ans, la Musique du CPO continue d’offrir des concerts divertissants et de grande qualité, y compris la collecte de fonds annuelle pour les guerriers blessés, prévue pour le 14 avril 2024, à l’église Peace Lutheran de Sidney. En plus des concerts, l’orchestre soutient la communauté militaire d’Esquimalt (notamment les défilés du jour du Souvenir et de la Journée canadienne du maintien de la paix) et des événements tels que l’ouverture du Greater Victoria Yacht Club.

<strong>Understanding Our Unconscious</strong>

Understanding Our Unconscious

Current scientific studies estimate approximately 95 per cent of brain activity is unconscious. Included in the unconscious are formed habits and patterns, automatic body functions such as digestion and breathing, creativity, emotions, personality, beliefs and values, cognitive biases, and long-term memory.