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The friendly faces of Commissionaire Bob Cosman and his new dog Teddy are ready to greet visitors to the Y-Jetty security gate at CFB Esquimalt. Photo: Peter Mallett/Lookout.

Meet Y-Jetty’s fluffiest greeter

Peter Mallett, Staff Writer  —  These days, Y-Jetty visitors are greeted by a cute, huggable, fluffy therapy dog at the security gate. Appropriately named Teddy, the canine is a three-year-old Akita recently adopted by one of CFB Esquimalt’s friendliest Commissionaires, Bob Cosman. Cosman is convinced Teddy provides comfort and happiness to visitors at Y-Jetty. “I have […]

<strong>No plans to retire, says beloved commissionaire</strong>

No plans to retire, says beloved commissionaire

Members of the Fleet Maintenance Facility (FMF) Cape Breton and base security contractor staged a surprise party for Commissionaire Major (ret’d) Gerry Ratchford, who celebrated his 95th birthday on May 24.

Commissionaire Bob Cosman

Five Questions with Commissionaire Cosman

Peter Mallett, Staff Writer — Bob Cosman is a familiar friendly face at the Y-Jetty security booth who checks IDs and gives motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians access to Dockyard. But upon closer inspection of his credentials, there is much more to Commissionaire Cosman than meets the eye. He works for the Commissionaires, a national security provider and […]