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Petty Officer Second Class Kyle Medwid and Sailor First Class Sarah Sundac, members of HMCS Edmonton, salute while Canada's national anthem plays.

HMCS Edmonton combines business with fun during Operation Caribbe

Capt Chelsea Dubeau, MARPAC PAO — HMCS Edmonton conducted multi-day maritime exercises while deployed on Operation (Op) Carribe in March as part of the North American Maritime Security Initiative (NAMSI). The exercises included a coordinated interdiction exercise involving ships, aircraft and personnel from the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Mexican Navy, United States Navy and United States Coast […]

Lookout Newspaper, June 5, 2023

Volume 68, Issue 22, June 5, 2023

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Recognizing ineffective therapy

Thomas Goenczi, Lookout contributor — The American Psychological Association (2016) estimates that 75 per cent of individuals who seek any form of psychotherapy find benefit in it. The study quantified a benefit as showing improved emotional and psychological well-being, fewer sick days, fewer medical issues, and increased work satisfaction. Even though this statistic is […]

sisip relocation

How to make your military move a financial success

SISIP Financial, Esquimalt — You’ve got your posting message, setting the ball in motion for your move. Prioritizing the financial implications and budgeting your relocation is the first step to reducing what Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members say is one of the most significant pressure points of moving. We’ve got you covered! Check out the tips below […]

Fluoride and your teeth.

Fluoride – who cares? Your teeth!

Corporal Erika Johnson, Dental Technician, 1 Dental Unit Detachment Esquimalt — Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral and the 13th most common element in the Earth’s crust. It plays an essential part in good oral health and prevents cavities. While some communities add fluoride to their drinking water, others rely on its naturally occurring levels and increasing […]

Veteran reservists conduct tours of HMCS Winnipeg and Calgary at the beginning of May. The groups were part of approximately 107 veterans participating in this year's University Naval Training Division Association Conference. Photo supplied

Veteran reservists refresh knowledge during base tour

Peter Mallett, Staff Writer — A group that gathered on HMCS Winnipeg’s flight deck on the morning of May 10 eagerly discussed the embarked CH 148 Cyclone Helicopter. From afar, the gathering seemed like another guided tour of the Halifax-class frigate, yet, Sub-Lieutenant (SLt) Benjamin Miller, Winnipeg’s Naval Warfare Officer, said it was nuanced. “Because the visitors […]

Awards ceremony recognizes ‘uncommon virtue’.

Awards ceremony recognizes ‘uncommon virtue’

Peter Mallett, Staff Writer — Seventeen military members from CFB Esquimalt have received special recognition from Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) for their extraordinary efforts. The acknowledged gathered with friends, family, and co-workers at the Chief and Petty Officer’s Mess on May 17 for the Spring Honours and Awards Ceremony. Rear-Admiral (Radm) Christopher Robinson, Commander Maritime Forces Pacific […]

Lookout Newspaper, Issue 21, May 29, 2023

Volume 68, Issue 21, May 29, 2023

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Attaining success in counselling

Attaining success in counselling

Thomas Goenczi, Lookout contributor — Will counselling be successful? Most people yearn for success when they decide to follow through with any venture. However, success is unique to the individual. How do you qualify success? Success is typically related to a short-term or a long-term goal. The goals you and your therapist set out are, in essence, […]


Understanding the Canadian Forces Housing Differential rollout 

A/SLt Sheldon Neil — The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) policy on the Post Living Differential (PLD) is being replaced by the Canadian Forces Housing Differential (CFHD). Members must apply by June 1 to receive the entitlement when it starts in July. Applications can be submitted through Orderly Rooms. Applications received after June 1 will still be […]