HMCS Shawinigan sits alongside in the Baltimore Port to take part in Fleet Week 2016, an international naval show displaying naval and coast guard vessels serving along the eastern seaboard, Oct. 12.


A member of HMCS Charlottetown’s Air Crew looks on as Greek Navy Frigate Spetsai (F453) (bottom), HMCS Charlottetown (top) and Italian Navy Frigate Virginio Fasan (F591) (middle) pass by during Operation Reassurance Sept. 15.


Crewmembers from HMCS Charlottetown participate in Damage Control Olympics, a competition in which teams race to complete tasks in the least possible time, during Operation Reassurance Sept. 22.


A crewmember onboard HMCS Charlottetown raises the Jack during the Colours ceremony during Operation Reassurance Oct. 6.


The Enhanced Naval Boarding Party from HMCS Charlottetown transits in a in rigid hull inflatable boat to motor vessel Smit Yare as the ship’s CH-124 Sea King helicopter provides cover during Exercise Joint Warrior Oct. 12.


Italian Navy Frigate Fasan manoeuvres into position off of HMCS Charlottetown’s port beam during Op Reassurance Sept. 21.

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  • Commercial shipping traffic transits the Saigon River past HMCS Vancouver in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on Oct. 20.

    Vancouver on WestPloy ‘16

    Lt(N) Paul Pendergast, MARPAC Public Affairs ~ Since departing its home port of Esquimalt in June, HMCS Vancouver has operated extensively throughout the Pacific region, including participation in large-scale multi-national exercises RIMPAC, held in July in the Hawaii area, and Kakadu, hosted by Australia in September. Two weeks into October the ship arrived in Singapore […]

  • Local athletes to be recognized at Ottawa Sports Award Ceremony

    Local athletes to be recognized at Ottawa Sports Award Ceremony

    On Oct. 21, Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services will hold the Sports Awards Ceremony in Ottawa. It is considered the highlight of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) sports year. Athletes, coaches and officials, serving and retired, are recognized for their outstanding athletic performances and remarkable contributions to sport. Selected members are also inducted into the […]

  • Commander Clive Butler (back row, third from left), Commanding Officer of HMCS Vancouver, hosted a round table of local security experts in Singapore on Oct. 12. HMCS Vancouver is in Singapore to conduct a goodwill port visit as part of WestPloy 16. The round table meetings are part of the outreach agenda aimed at building strong ties between the Royal Canadian Navy and the navies of the Asia-Pacific countries while promoting peace and security in the region. Photo by Lt(N) Paul Pendergast, MARPAC PA

    Vancouver in Singapore

    DND ~ HMCS Vancouver arrived in Singapore last week to conduct a goodwill visit as part of WestPloy 16. Vancouver’s deployment is aimed at building strong ties between the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and the navies of Asia-Pacific countries while also promoting peace and security in the region. The ship is engaging in a variety […]

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  • 2016 Industrial Supplier Trade Show Photos

    2016 Industrial Supplier Trade Show Photos

  • Lookout Newspaper

    Lookout Newspaper

     The Lookout Newspaper – Pacific Navy News An award-winning weekly publication, the Lookout Newspaper is the main source of news for CFB Esquimalt’s military members, veterans, civilian employees and their families. Weekly print distribution is 4,500 a week. Over 5,500 Defence Members. Over 80,00 Monthly Web visitors across our digital platforms. Impressive Social Media Reach […]

  • Community Guides

    Community Guides

    The Maritime Forces Pacific Activity Guide is a comprehensive booklet on all fitness, sports, and recreation programs available to the Defence community. It has a distribution of 5,500 copies, and is produced three times a year. Email melissa.atkinson@forces.gc.ca or call 250-363-3372 to book an ad.            

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