In Photos: Operation PROJECTION

LS Reves and LS Hofing operate the .50 caliber Heavy Machine Gun on board HMCS Vancouver as the ship prepares to enter Singapore during Operation Projection Asia Pacific, May 16.

In Photos: Operation PROJECTION

Lieutenant Commander Gautreau, Executive Officer on board HMCS Vancouver, talks with a member of the Rapid Attack Team during an emergency stations training exercise during Operation PROJECTION Asia Pacific, May 23.

In Photos: Operation PROJECTION

The “Battle Ensign” of the Royal Canadian Navy blows in the wind on board HMCS Vancouver as the ship prepares to enter Singapore during Operation Projection Asia Pacific, May 16.

In Photos: Operation REASSURANCE

Lt(N) Stephanie Maxim (right) and SLt Derek Frank perform Officers of the Watch duties on the bridge of HMCS St. John’s during Exercise Joint Warrior as part of Operation Reassurance, May 2.

In Photos: Operation REASSURANCE

Crewmembers on board HMCS St. John’s participate in a physical fitness class on the flight deck led by Personnel Support Program (PSP) Fitness instructor, Keira Lee, during Operation Reassurance, May 15.

In Photos: Operation PROJECTION

HMCS Vancouver pulls into the jetty as it arrives at the port of Singapore after its transit from Hong Kong, on Operation Projection Asia Pacific, May 16.

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  • Commanding Officer of the Naval Security Team, Lieutenant Commander Michael Wills (left), is congratulated by Commander Canadian Fleet Pacific, Commodore Jeff Zwick (centre) during a Change of Command Ceremony on May 11. LCdr Wills took command of the unit from LCdr Jeff Chura (right). Photo by LS Ogle Henry, MARPAC Imaging Services

    Naval Security Team change of command

    By SLt M.X. Déry, MARPAC Public Affairs ~ Lieutenant Commander (LCdr) Jeff Chura passed command of the Naval Security Team (NST) to LCdr Michael Wills on May 11. “I was honoured to be chosen for such a unique opportunity,” said LCdr Chura, “I look back in awe at what we have accomplished.” In his remarks prior […]

  • Members of the 443 Helicopter Squadron Times Colonist 10K Run team.

    443 Squadron Hornets impress in TC 10K

    Peter Mallett, Staff Writer ~ Runners from 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron surprised everyone, including themselves, with a fifth-place finish in the Team category of the Times Colonist 10K race this year. The Hornets celebrated an average time of 46:36, the top finish in the Police, Fire and Military category and better than 172 other teams registered […]

  • AB Bridgett Doucett, a NESOP in HMCS Montreal, is a mentor for this year’s Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program in Halifax. Photo by Mona Ghiz, MARLANT PA

    Giving back to the Aboriginal Entry Program as a mentor

    Ryan Melanson, Trident Staff ~ When AB Bridgett Doucett signed up for the Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program (CFAEP), she knew she was interested in a military career, but the CAF environment and culture were foreign to her. An introduction to the military, in the form of the paid three-week program, was a welcome way to […]

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  • On The Move: A Guide to Relocating

    On The Move: A Guide to Relocating

    Within the guide, you will find helpful tips to make your moving and buying experience a positive one. Educating yourself every step of the way will ease your stress, and make posting in and out trouble-free.

  • Activity Guides

    Activity Guides

    The Maritime Forces Pacific Activity Guide is a comprehensive booklet on all recreational, health, wellness and family programs available to the Defence community. It has a distribution of 4,000 copies per issue, and is produced three times a year. Email or call 250-363-3372 to book an ad.

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    Lookout Newspaper

    The Lookout is an award-winning weekly base newspaper. It is the main source of news for CFB Esquimalt’s military members, veterans, civilian employees, and their families, as well as the general public. It has a weekly print distribution of 3,800, plus loads of traffic to the website and Facebook page.

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