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  • Broadmead’s Veterans Memorial Lodge’s Veterans Association

    Broadmead Veterans Association renews spirit

    Peter Mallett, Staff Writer — An advisory group at Broadmead’s Veterans Memorial Lodge has given former military members a more prominent decision-making voice while encouraging camaraderie. Resident’s councils are not uncommon at long-term care homes across the province, but one made up exclusively of veterans is unique, said Janet Power, Executive Director of Veterans Lodge. “It […]

  • Sergeant (ret’d) Susan Kruzel

    Veteran’s artwork provides seascape escape

    Peter Mallet, Staff Writer — After recently launching her Pacific Seascapes exhibit at Gallery Splash in Esquimalt, painter Sergeant (ret’d) Susan Kruzel admits she is swimming in her art, literally. As patrons at a nearby coffee shop exit into the lobby, they appear drawn to her paintings. As an artist, Kruzel takes extreme gratification in this. […]

  • Recession

    SISIP can help relieve financial anxiety

    Shannon Childs, Personal Financial Planner, SISIP Financial — A weight lifted in 2021 when individual investors saw a rebound in their portfolios from the downturn of 2020. With a sense of normal returning to the world, people started to feel at ease: unknowing that 2022 would bring strong headwinds. Seeing the largest rate hike in over 40 […]

  • Jolly Roger

    Jackspeak: Jolly Roger

    Roger is a voice communications proword which means ‘received and understood’, i.e., “The formation will transit Haro Strait at 0900”. Reply: “Roger”. Proword is short for procedures words and describes the specific words and phrases used in radiotelephone communications. Roger being as commonplace as it is today, it is strange how most people have yet […]

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