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  • Mark Nelson

    Rounding the Horn

    Mark Nelson, Contributor — Rounding the horn is meant to describe the event where a ship goes beneath Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America. Crossing from Atlantic to Pacific, or vice versa, is a perilous passage due to inclement weather and notorious williwaw winds, which are unexpected gusts that plunge from a mountainous […]

  • FDU(P)

    FDU(P): Behind the scenes and under water

    Kateryna Bandura Lookout Editor — Graduates and instructors of the most recent Clearance Divers and Clearance Diving Officers class at Fleet Diving Unit (Pacific) (FDU(P)) memorialized their graduation with an underwater photo shoot. “The course photo is definitely a memorable event that everyone enjoys,” said Lieutenant (Navy) Demetris Mousouliotis, Operations Officer at FDU(P). In the past […]

  • Sub-Lieutenant Luisa Aranda

    Naval Warfare Officers discuss gender at Peru symposium

    Peter Mallett, Staff Writer — Two Canadian Naval Warfare Officers represented the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) in Lima, Peru, at the Navies of the Americas Junior Officer Symposium, Aug. 21 to 28. Sub-Lieutenant (SLt) Luisa Aranda, HMCS Calgary Naval Warfare Officer (NWO), and Lt(N) Jessica Tassot, Senior Naval Warfare Officer of the Naval Reserve (NAVRES) headquarters […]

  • FDU(P)

    Pacific Clearance Divers take a plunge with the Irish navy

    Peter Mallett, Staff Writer — Three Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Clearance Divers (two from Esquimalt and one from Halifax) took the plunge at an Irish Navy base to clear out the mud bottom of a shallow diving camber. The exercise was part of the first-ever diving course hosted by the Diving Section of the Irish Naval […]

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