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  • Robert Roos

    Life as a Fitness, Sports, and Recreation Coordinator on board an HMC ship

    Robert Roos, HMCS Vancouver, FSR Coordinator — Have you ever run, squatted, or done push-ups on a floor that shifts beneath your feet? I hadn’t until two months ago when I joined HMCS Vancouver on deployment. I am the ship’s Fitness, Sports, and Recreation (FSR) Coordinator. My job involves leading group fitness classes, writing individual training […]

  • HMCS Winnipeg

    HMCS Winnipeg runs for the Burn Fund

    Kateryna Bandura, Lookout Editor — H MCS Winnipeg raised over $2,900 for the Manitoba Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund on deployment to the Indo-Pacific. “It goes to show all things are possible with the right perspective, adaptability, and perseverance,” said Petty Officer Second Class (PO2) Derek Wilkinson, organizer of the run. HMCS Winnipeg’s crew adopted the Firefighters Burn […]

  • Alberta Naval Museum

    Meet the Director of the Naval Museum of Alberta

    Lookout staff — Eric Kahler has been the Director of the Naval Museum of Alberta (NMA) for five years. He is a naval veteran with over 41 years of service. Bradley Froggatt is the museum’s Curator and has been with the NMA for over seven years. He has more than 25 years of naval service. What can you tell us […]

  • Mark Nelson

    Rounding the Horn

    Mark Nelson, Contributor — Rounding the horn is meant to describe the event where a ship goes beneath Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America. Crossing from Atlantic to Pacific, or vice versa, is a perilous passage due to inclement weather and notorious williwaw winds, which are unexpected gusts that plunge from a mountainous […]

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