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<strong>Understanding Our Unconscious</strong>

Understanding Our Unconscious

Current scientific studies estimate approximately 95 per cent of brain activity is unconscious. Included in the unconscious are formed habits and patterns, automatic body functions such as digestion and breathing, creativity, emotions, personality, beliefs and values, cognitive biases, and long-term memory.

<strong>Sustaining Wins in Therapy</strong>

Sustaining Wins in Therapy

After an accomplishment is secured, a common psychic encounter is facing doubt: doubt that the success made a difference in your life, doubt that you can even sustain it, doubt you can progress past the next impending hurdle. Doubt is neither reasonable nor evil, but rather, it is an evaluation of the situation that you currently face.

<strong>Enduring the Therapeutic Process</strong>

Enduring the Therapeutic Process

Learning how much we can endure psychologically provides us with a higher level of empowerment over the therapeutic process.