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<strong>Understanding Our Unconscious</strong>

Understanding Our Unconscious

Current scientific studies estimate approximately 95 per cent of brain activity is unconscious. Included in the unconscious are formed habits and patterns, automatic body functions such as digestion and breathing, creativity, emotions, personality, beliefs and values, cognitive biases, and long-term memory.

<strong>Sustaining Wins in Therapy</strong>

Sustaining Wins in Therapy

After an accomplishment is secured, a common psychic encounter is facing doubt: doubt that the success made a difference in your life, doubt that you can even sustain it, doubt you can progress past the next impending hurdle. Doubt is neither reasonable nor evil, but rather, it is an evaluation of the situation that you currently face.

<strong>Enduring the Therapeutic Process</strong>

Enduring the Therapeutic Process

Learning how much we can endure psychologically provides us with a higher level of empowerment over the therapeutic process.

<strong>Resistance and Therapy</strong>

Resistance and Therapy

Therapy is a confrontation of the psychological resistance we face. This resistance is omnipresent and shows up in myriad ways; uncovering it is essential to know what we are up against.

Working through lethargy in therapy

Working through lethargy in therapy

Lethargy works like quicksand; we don’t often realize we’re in it until we’ve begun to slowly sink into its impending depths. This psychological indolence when not intentionally attended to creates a negative unconscious pattern. Once it is formed it slips into other areas in our life, thus creating a habit. For example, we notice that we don’t have much motivation for our work, it’s lost its vibrancy for one reason or another, and our quality of work suffers. This sluggishness then begins to seep into being uninterested in our relationships, our parenting, and our self-care practices. 

<strong>Esquimalt Submariner hailed for leadership excellence</strong>

Esquimalt Submariner hailed for leadership excellence

Chief Petty Officer Second Class (CPO2) Michael ‘Rob’ Tibbetts, HMCS Corner Brook Coxswain, is the proud recipient of this year’s Vice-Admiral Mark Norman Leadership Award of the Royal Canadian Navy Benevolent Fund (RCNBF).

The small victories in counselling

The small victories in counselling

veryone’s therapeutic journey is distinct and can vary significantly from others. The duration of therapy, reasons for seeking help, severity, connection to oneself and therapist, and intentions differ from person to person. However, the small victories that inevitably occur in the counselling experience transcend all the variables.

<strong>How to overcome fears in therapy</strong>

How to overcome fears in therapy

Once individuals better understand their fears about therapy, they can better learn to overcome them and continue their therapeutic journey.

The highs and lows of therapy

The highs and lows of therapy

To best deal with the ups and downs of counselling, it may be pertinent to understand the underpinnings and how best to work through them.

<strong>Short-Term vs. Long-Term Counselling</strong>

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Counselling

Thomas Goenczi,Lookout contributor Therapy has many different avenues Some find themselves immersed in a years-long investigation into themselves. Others come across obstacles seemingly impossible to overcome and need immediate guidance. Both long-term and short-term counselling support psychological and emotional well-being. However, beyond the obvious, there are distinct differences in how these accomplish your goals. By […]