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<strong>Se retirer intelligemment de votre REEE</strong>

Se retirer intelligemment de votre REEE

Pendant des années, vous avez mis de l’argent de côté avec diligence pour les études de votre enfant, en vérifiant vos progrès de temps à autre. Il est maintenant temps de commencer à retirer de l’argent du compte pour que votre jeune adulte puisse financer ses études postsecondaires.

<strong>Making smart withdrawals from your RESP</strong>

Making smart withdrawals from your RESP

Check out these six tips to ensure you get the most significant benefit from all those years of saving and find out why it is better to wait and draw from the Post-Secondary Education (PSE) fund only after you’ve depleted the Educational Assistance Payments (EAP).

sisip relocation

How to make your military move a financial success

SISIP Financial, Esquimalt — You’ve got your posting message, setting the ball in motion for your move. Prioritizing the financial implications and budgeting your relocation is the first step to reducing what Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members say is one of the most significant pressure points of moving. We’ve got you covered! Check out the tips below […]

SISIP: Did you say RRSP?

SISIP: Did you say RRSP?

Diane Kennedy, CFP, Financial Planner, SISIP Financial, Comox — As financial planners, we praise the tax advantages of Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) but often hear, ‘No thanks; I have a great pension plan; I don’t need an RRSP’. While it is true that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) does offer an excellent pension plan, it is […]

SISIP on Inflation

SISIP offers six inflation-busting financial tips

SISIP Financial — Whether you’re preparing to relocate, looking to refresh your budget, or trying to maintain your current lifestyle, these tips can help maximize every dollar you earn. 1. Track your spending Before you know where you can ‘trim the fat’, you want to identify what you’re currently spending money on. Note how you spend […]

SISIP on Inflation

Le RARM offre six conseils financiers pour lutter contre l’inflation

Financier du RARM 1. Suivez vos dépenses Avant de savoir où vous pouvez ” couper le gras “, vous devez déterminer ce pour quoi vous dépensez actuellement de l’argent. Notez comment vous dépensez votre argent chaque mois et où vous constatez les plus fortes augmentations de prix sur les biens et services ménagers. Recherchez les […]

life insurance

How much life insurance do I need?

SISIP Financial Esquimalt — Life insurance has many purposes. Primarily, insurance looks after your family or dependents if you’re no longer there to provide for them. The amount of insurance you need depends on many factors, including your occupation, lifestyle, income, assets, debts, the needs of your dependents, and affordability. Insurance needs are unique to the […]

Know your SISIP team Part II

Know your SISIP team Part II

SISIP — Last week, you met some of your SISIP Financial Advisors. This week, we want to introduce you to the rest of the team. We all play an integral role in what we offer: providing tailored advice and product solutions that enhance the financial health and security of all members of the Canadian Armed Forces […]

Exploring long-term planning options with SISIP

Exploring long-term planning options with SISIP

Spencer Elliot, BA PFP, SISIP Financial – Financial Planner — Saving for your future is beneficial in theory yet daunting in practice. Starting somewhere is important. Below are two popular savings ‘vehicles’ intended for long-term savings: Registered Savings Plan (RSP) The Registered Savings Plan (RSP) is a tax-deferred investment account that allows you to grow your investments […]