Pacific Fleet Warship Conducts Maritime Security Patrols







Pacific Fleet Warship Conducts Maritime Security Patrols

June 28, 2016 – Esquimalt, B.C. – National Defence / Royal Canadian Navy

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Whitehorse departed its home port of Esquimalt yesterday to conduct maritime security patrols along Canada’s Pacific coast throughout the month of July.

During its deployment, which will consist of sovereignty and presence patrols, HMCS Whitehorse will also visit several ports along the west coast of British Columbia and on Vancouver Island. Surveillance and presence along Canada’s coastal regions ensures CAF situational awareness in its areas of operations (AOR). Maintaining situational awareness of Canada’s domains and coastal approaches contributes to the defence of Canada and Canadian sovereignty.


“Maritime security patrols are a primary role performed by your Kingston-Class Ships in ensuring the protection and security of Canadians while also allowing for your warships and sailors to visit our coastal communities. These patrols are also essential tools to keep your Pacific sailors ‘Ready Aye Ready’ as they provide a range of diverse training opportunities.”

Captain (N) J. Clarke, Commander Maritime Operations Group Four


· The Royal Canadian Navy has both domestic and international roles. At home, maritime defence and security is the Navy’s first priority, helping ensure that Canada’s maritime approaches are effectively monitored and protected.

· Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) tracks all ships in the designated area of responsibility and defends the unimpeded use of the seas – protecting the right of innocent passage to lawful commerce. The maritime security provided by MARPAC is vital to Canada’s physical and economic safety as a maritime nation bounded by three of the world’s oceans.

· Maritime Security Patrols falls under Operation LIMPID which is the routine domestic surveillance of Canadian air, maritime, land, space, and cyber domains as well as presence in Canada’s aerial, maritime and land approaches. These activities seek to detect, deter, prevent, pre-empt and defeat threats aimed at Canada or Canadian interests.

· A Kingston-class Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV), HMCS Whitehorse is one of six Kingston-class warships based at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt. Crewed by both Regular and Reserve Force sailors, the Kingston-class are multi-role minor war vessels with a primary mission of coastal surveillance and sovereignty patrols and a secondary mission of general naval and search and rescue operations.

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