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Members of CANSUBFOR HQ Det Halifax deliver mail, rations, and personnel to HMC Submarine Windsor in Halifax Harbour, with support from Canadian Forces Auxiliary Vessel Granville. Photo: Lt(N) Halerewich.

Supporting the Silent Service

Lt(N) Christian Jax,  CANSUBFOR  —    Napolean famously said, ‘The amateurs discuss tactics; the professionals discuss logistics’. While perhaps simplistic, the view that logistics are ignored only at one’s peril is widely accepted. Small but mighty, submarines do not have the space for additional supplies. They rely on the Canadian Submarine Force (CANSUBFOR) Logistical Department […]

Canadian Submarine Force Logisticians

CANSUBFOR Logisticians celebrate Royal Canadian Logistics Service anniversary

SLt Pierre-Charles Rousseau Harvey — When you think ‘Navy’, do you think frigates, Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships and Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels? Don’t forget submarines and the logistics team who supports them! To celebrate the Royal Canadian Logistics Service’s 55th anniversary on Feb. 1, the logisticians […]