CANSUBFOR Logisticians celebrate Royal Canadian Logistics Service anniversary

Canadian Submarine Force Logisticians

Canadian Submarine Force Logisticians on top of the casing of HMCS Corner Brook. Photo supplied.

SLt Pierre-Charles Rousseau Harvey — When you think ‘Navy’, do you think frigates, Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships and Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels? Don’t forget submarines and the logistics team who supports them!

To celebrate the Royal Canadian Logistics Service’s 55th anniversary on Feb. 1, the logisticians and sustainers of the Canadian Submarine Force (CSF) were offered a tour of HMCS Corner Brook by Lieutenant-Commander (LCdr) David Hendry, Corner Brook’s Executive Officer. The team boarded the submarine to learn how the complex platform operates and how submariners go about their day.

“From climbing down the long ladder into the platform, to peering into the small messes and accommodations onboard, it was a uniquely close-maneuver experience!” said Sub-Lieutenant Rousseau Harvey, CSF Deputy Logistics Officer.

When the submarine sails away from the home port, a specialized team of logisticians is also deployed to the foreign port to provide forward logistics support. The Submarine Support Team provides the submarines and their crew port service arrangements and parts, and processes submariners’ pay and administration. A Logistics Officer and a Submarine Technical Officer lead this team.

“Exposing logisticians working ashore to these submarines and discussing requirements with seasoned submariners is a key component for fostering teamwork and friendship between trades. The tour helped my team understand how to better serve the boats and anticipate their needs,” said LCdr Alan Ng, CSF HQ Commanding Officer.

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