Volume 61, Issue 22, May 30

May 30, 2016, cover





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  1. Lookout says:

    Thanks for your feedback Donald. While most of our readers are navy, our newspaper is also read by members of the general public across the country. We include these distinctions to broaden public awareness.

  2. Don Mitchell says:

    Hello, I would like to comment on your use of the (N) or (Navy) behind Lieutenant and Captain. This is an RCN base and an RCN Newspaper. We all know that the base commander is a Captain in the RCN, and we all can see the RCN Lieutenants are in the Navy as well. I and many others in the RCN would very much appreciate that you would reconsider your policy regarding the (N) behind the officer ranks. It is a redundant use of the terminology especially in the Maritime environment we all work in.

    Thank you

    Donald M Mitchell

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