20 Years of Cartoon Capers

Sailor and Artist

Sailor and artist

Sailor and artist, LCdr Michael Erwin ~

Two decades ago, in 1996, the Lookout newspaper ran a cartoon submitted by a local officer, then serving at VENTURE, The Naval Officers Training Centre.

That cartoon was the first of hundreds that would appear on page four of the Lookout over the next 20 years, and are still being periodically submitted by LCdr Michael Erwin. 

The cartoons, always in a 4 in by 6 single frame format, have dealt with a broad range of topics, from ships wandering into “mime” fields, to aardvarks buying “A”s on Wheel-of-Fortune, to fleas wondering if there is life on other dogs. 

Some have even gone on to appear in Reader’s Digest and the Weekly World News. 

Over the years, the Lookout received the cartoons from deployed ships, overseas operations, and NDHQ, wherever LCdr Erwin was serving at the time. 

When asked to comment on the longevity of his submissions, LCdr Erwin, who now works in the field of naval communications, replied, “Cartoons…yay.” 

In keeping with the notion that humour is an important stress reliever and morale builder, we hope you enjoy this selection of favourites from the past two decades.

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