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March 31: Update from Base Surgeon COVID-19

Canadian Forces Health Services Centre Pacific (Base Clinic) has a respiratory clinic that will screen all military members who present with symptoms consistent with COVID-19. The respiratory clinic runs from 07h30-12h00, with afternoons reserved for follow-up appointments only.

All CAF members, returning students/trainees from around the country are to self-isolate for 14 days upon return. No medical assessment is required if members are feeling well.

In response to COVID-19 concerns we ask that all sick patients with the below symptoms complete the BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool for advice on staying home or presenting to hospital.

* Difficulty breathing
* Fever
* Cough
* Body Aches
* Chills
* Runny nose
* Sneezing or
* Sore Throat

The tool can also provide information on what to do if you were exposed to a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19.

In cases where the tool asks you to call 811, please contact the clinic at 250-363-4122 and after hours call 811.

At present, testing will only be conducted if it is indicated using the BC Centre for Disease Control criteria.

Members without symptoms or with mild symptoms are not to present to Canadian Forces Health Services Centre Pacific (CFHSC(P)). They are to self-monitor or self-isolate as per the BC self-assessment tool. Initiate your self-isolation for 10 or 14 days (depending on the tool recommendation) in collaboration with your chain of command. Instructions on self-isolation (including how to self-isolate with other individuals in the household) are available on the BCCDC website or at PHAC.

If you are having severe difficulty breathing (struggling for each breath, only able to speak in single words, or have chest pain) or otherwise feel you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, CALL 911.

If you are at home self-isolating and your symptoms do not improve or worsen, please contact the clinic at 250-363-4122 or in an emergency proceed to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

Our teams are facilitating telemedicine appointments as much as possible to limit the amount of crowding at any one time within the clinic and any potential exposures.

During Monday-Friday working hours, the Base Clinic has set up two contact points for COVID-19 related queries:

  1. For general COVID-19 Queries call 3-4122.  A nurse will answer and provide advice/direction or transfer the call as required.
  2. For Respiratory Clinic Reassessment call 3-4453. This number is only for members who have previously been seen in our respiratory clinic and would like a reassessment.

CFHSC(P) remains open for critical & essential services. These include:

  • Sick parade (including pharmacy, lab and x-ray) for acute illnesses and injuries;
  • Deployment/Operational Screening (Active Aircrew and Dive). This includes COVID-related/operationally-related administrative requirements (DAG, MRQ, etc.);
  • Release, SISIP and Reserve Force Compensation (RFC) medicals;
  • Booked appointments (less dental): This includes mental and physical health for chronic issues for which a follow up is absolutely required (abnormal lab test, medication renewal, post-op, etc.);
  • OUTCAN/Isolated posting Screening if justified by a time-sensitive screening message;
  • PHA/TCAT/PCAT only if justified by a time-sensitive screening or DAG requirement.

IHT 1 has been closed due to current, prudent staffing procedures, please contact IHT 2 or 3.

Sick Parade is still open, but call first (0730-0830) to discuss with a staff member if a telemedicine assessment and prescription pick up at the door or specific timing can be arranged. Booked Appointments are still available, often using telemedicine as appropriate.

  • IHT 2: 3-5641
  • IHT 3: 3-5646

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