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Cpl Grant Mackay

Cpl Grant Mackay holds up a radar gun assessing speeds of motorists near Macaulay Elementary School. Motorists are reminded to slow down and respect playground zones and school zones now that school is back after summer holidays.

It’s that time of year again, when students of all ages head back to school. With this comes heavier traffic on our streets and highways, and an increase in small children walking independently to their school or bus stop.

Children by nature are very impulsive and often do things before they have a chance to think about it, which puts them at a greater risk of being involved in a serious accident.

Motorists need to be aware of the increased risks and adjust their driving habits accordingly.

As a reminder, the posted speed limit in most school zones is 30 km/h between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. when students are in school and 30 km/h in playground zones from dawn to dusk. It is the driver’s responsibility to use extra caution in these areas to prevent a tragedy from occurring.

Safety Tips for Drivers
• Always come to a complete stop at posted stop signs; this will enable you to see more potential hazards.
• Pay extra attention to children walking on medians, streets and curbs.
• Refrain from using cellular phones or handheld devices while driving.
• Obey the posted speed limit. It’s there for everyone’s safety.
• Always stop for school buses when their flashing lights are activated.

Safety Tips for Students
• Refrain from using headphones while walking to school. It reduces the ability to hear approaching dangers.
• Do not use your cellular or mobile phone while crossing intersections, it  distracts from potential dangers.
• Always cross at posted crosswalks and activate the crosswalk lights when available.
• Even though the traffic lights may indicate you have the right of way, always check to ensure drivers see you and have come to a stop before crossing.

Motor Vehicle Act Fines and Penalties
• Speeding in school zone or playground zone ($196 – $253) 3 Driver Penalty Points
• Failing to stop for school bus or failing to obey school guard/patrol ($167) 3 Driver Penalty Points

MCpl Jodi Woolridge, Military Police

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