Bravo Zulu: clean sweep congrats

Balihar Dhah of Commercial Building Cleaning

Commander Paul Frisby, Commanding Officer BIS, presents his unit’s ‘Well Done Coin’ to Balihar Dhah of Commercial Building Cleaning on July 13 at BIS headquarters in Dockyard. Photo: Elizabeth Lutz, BIS.

Peter Mallett 
Staff Writer

A civilian contractor has received special recognition for his extraordinary efforts at improving the cleanliness of Base Information Services (BIS).

Balihar Dhah, an employee of Commercial Building Cleaning, received a BIS ‘Well Done Coin’ and Bravo Zulu Award on July 13 during a presentation at BIS Headquarters in Dockyard.

“Being the cleaner is not an easy job and to do it with a pleasant disposition is most welcome,” said Commander (Cdr) Paul Frisby, BIS Commanding Officer. “Balihar is a valued member of our team.”

In making the award presentation, Cdr Frisby noted the job of the cleaning staff had been made more stringent during the COVID-19 pandemic than in the past.

“Balihar has been keeping the building in a high state of cleanliness, which makes for a much more pleasant environment to work in,” Cdr Frisby said. “He is cheerful while he cleans and this also makes BIS a better place to be.”

Balihar Dhah, 77, has been working at CFB Esquimalt since 2017. He was born in Punjab, India, and immigrated to Canada in 2008. He had previously worked as a farmer and at another cleaning company before beginning his job in Esquimalt. He speaks English but was able to respond better to interview questions in Punjabi through Sailor First Class Ryan Chouhan, who acted as a translator.

Dhah said he was delighted to receive the award.

“I found out about five months ago I was going to receive this award, and I was very happy,” Dhah said.

He also noted how he loves working at CFB Esquimalt and supporting the defence team.

“It’s the culture here and the interactions that are the best,” he said. “It’s a great environment to work in, with cheerful and kind people.”

Cdr Frisby introduced the ‘Well Done Coin’ to the unit to thank individuals for making significant contributions to BIS.

BIS provides IT equipment, network services, and support to HQs, ships, submarines, and personnel at the base, working remotely, and at sea. The unit has a civilian and military workforce of 265 personnel.

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