Cadets gain navy operational insight


Forty members of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps (RCSCC) Fraser received a glimpse into naval life and operations during a visit to the base May 20.

The Corps was accompanied throughout the day by members of the Royal Canadian Navy and shown a variety of units and vessels.

Also touring the base was a group of 30 cadets from the New Zealand Sea Cadet Corps, having recently arrived from a welcoming tour in Vancouver hosted by their Canadian counterparts.
Their day began with a tour of HMCS Yellowknife, followed by a tour of Wolf and Orca, two Orca-class patrol training craft, and Fleet Diving Unit.

But perhaps the highlight of their day was a tour of the Halifax-class frigate HMCS Winnipeg, having recently undergone extensive maintenance and upgrade work under the Frigate Life Extension/Halifax Class Modernization project.

Cadets saw the warship’s new and improved combat and engineering systems, including a state-of-the-art damage and fire control system, the small arms locker and a demonstration of the various firearms used by members of the naval boarding party, including a C7 rifle and an MP5 submachine gun.

The Corps’ Commanding Officer, Lt(N) Bryan Watson, enjoyed supervising the tour and expressed his pride in watching cadets mature. A graduate of RCSCC Fraser himself, Lt(N) Watson reminisced with a fellow cadet from his corps, SLt Smirnov, Winnipeg’s Dive Officer who was conducting the tour.

“It’s fun watching them grow up from shy and timid kids to confident leaders who are comfortable giving a presentation to their peers and others,” said Lt(N)Watson. 


Jamie Cook, MARPAC PA Office

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