Canada Post recognizes PPCLI with centennial envelope

Judith Guichon and LGen (ret’d) Ken Foster unveil PPCLI envelope

Lieutenant Governor of B.C. Judith Guichon (left) and LGen (ret’d) Ken Foster (right) of the PPCLI unveil the PPCLI Centennial Commeorative Envelope from Canada Post.

In a well-attended gathering in the Naval Officer Training Centre (NOTC) Venture gunroom, Canada Post honoured the history of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI).

To celebrate the regiment’s 100th anniversary, a special edition envelope was launched. It commemorates the contributions and sacrifices made by members of the PPCLI.

The unveil date was chosen because March 17 is the birthday of Princess Patricia, after whom the infantry was named. She was Queen Victoria’s granddaughter and the youngest daughter of Prince Arthur, who was Governor General of Canada.

“Canada Post is honoured to pay homage to PPCLI with this commemorative envelope on a day as significant as today,” said Kevin Pearson of Canada Post, who was on hand to make the presentation. “We believe it is a fitting way to honour the regiment, marking its 100 years of service, and believe it will bring the regiment’s proud and illustrious history to homes across the country.”

A historic photo spans the length of the envelope, recalling the “Pats” early days with a placing of a wreath on the Regimental colour in February 1919. A row of images along the bottom capture the Regiment’s participation in the First and Second World Wars, the Korean and Afghanistan conflict, and a peacekeeping mission in Cyprus.  The cancel mark features the letters and coronet from Princess Patricia’s royal cypher. The Princess’s two first names, Victoria Patricia are visible on both the stamp and the cancel shown as “VP”.

On the backside is a synopsis of the regiment’s history.

“This small gesture is part of the larger gratitude felt by Canadians everywhere,” said Pearson. “Anything we can do to recognize the service provided by regiments like the PPCLI, especially after a century of service, is a definite priority.”

Judith Guichon, Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, helped unveil the envelope. She spoke to those assembled on the pride Canadians feel for the regiment, and the contributions they made and continue to make today.

“For the last 100 years, the Patricia’s have been present across Canada, and the world, contributing to making the planet a better place,” she said. “From the Second World War to conflicts in modern theatres across the globe, the Patricia’s are there, working, helping, and even giving their lives in service to Canada, and the principles for which it stands. It isn’t something we forget, and hopefully we are able to show you, even in some small way.”

LGen (Ret’d) Ken Foster of the PPCLI took the podium to thank Canada Post for its contribution, and the respect shown in the gesture.

“What we do, and have done for the past 100 years, has been for Canadians,” he said. “To know we have the respective and gratitude of those we have spent so long seeking to serve and protect is a great honour. As times goes on we will continue to give our all protecting the country and people we love so much.”

Eight thousand commemorative envelopes have been printed, and can be purchased at Canada Post locations across Canada.

-Shawn O’Hara, Staff Writer

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  1. Marilyn says:

    This was a fabulous day at the Gun Room – lots of great memories to share – from cadets to retired Senior Officers ie: Maj. Gen. Pitts. Some members were in Cyprus as we were celebrating this unveiling – commemorating the UN presence of peacekeepers there…

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