Canadian Forces amends dress code for women

Canadian Forces amends dress code for women


The National Defence Clothing and Dress Committee met for its semi-annual meeting on Dec. 10, 2018. The committee tackled several issues that affect Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members who express their gender as women, and as a result several amendments to Ref b were proposed to the Armed Forces Council.

The following is a summary of those approved changes for CAF member who express their gender as women.

Hairstyles for long hair in addition to currently approved hairstyles

It will now be permitted to wear single pony tails in all orders of dress other than ceremonial or full dress (all Number One order of dress). The pony tail will follow the existing regulations regarding single braids (length not to exceed below the top of the armpit, to be gathered in the centre back of the head).  Operational, health and safety considerations will remain paramount and local commanders will continue to have the authority to restrict the wearing of long hairstyles as applicable for such reasons.


The wearing of nylons will be optional. As optional items, members would be responsible to purchase them. The regulations regarding nylons remain unchanged (plain pattern skin-toned).

Footwear to be worn with the CAF skirt and pants

Optional footwear will be amended to reflect that heel height is not to exceed 5 cm in height thus allowing the addition of flats and all heights in between, but not ballerina slipper styles. Ref b will be amended in due course.

Questions concerning these changes or further clarification to the amendments in Ref b can be submitted to +DHH3@CMPDHH@Ottawa-Hull or addressed through the chain of command.

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