CFB Esquimalt / Victoria Police and community raise concerns about traffic near the base

Master Corporal Brendan Keith of Military Police Unit (Esquimalt) stands with Sergeant Mandip Gill of the Victoria Police Department at the intersection of Lyall Street and Macaulay Street on August 23. Photo: CFB Esquimalt.

CFB Esquimalt Public Affairs 

CFB Esquimalt drivers and cyclists need to slow down on Lyall Street and other areas, say concerned citizens, as well as military and Victoria police.

Lyall Street is a road commonly used by Base members travelling to Work Point or Dockyard. Police and local residents have observed that uniformed members or those with Base-related decals on their car frequently speed down the road and fail to make complete stops at stop signs, both in cars and on bicycles.

Over the last year, the office of the Base Commander has received messages from concerned citizens about this issue, especially about the intersection of Macaulay Street and Lyall Street from the parents of children attending nearby Macaulay Elementary School. Concerned for the safety of their children, residents in that area have taped up signs at the intersection, started a Facebook group for those concerned about the issue, and even pleaded for more action at a Township of Esquimalt council meeting on August 22.

“We are asking CFB Esquimalt members to remember there is a playground at that intersection; there are children present. We understand people are just travelling to and from work and have places to be but this is about the safety of children. We just want to be able to walk our daughter to school safely,” said Brian Cant. Cant and his husband Kyle Kushnir, live at that intersection and their daughter Aubrey, 6, is going into Grade 1 next month.

Cant emphasized cars are not the only concern.

“Since September, our family has had over a dozen close calls with drivers or cyclists as we walked our daughter to and from school. We know the Base does not control that area but as school returns, and more importantly in the dark winter months, we ask that Base drivers and cyclists please be more careful when driving through our neighbourhood,” he said.

Lyall Street is not in the jurisdiction of Military Police Unit (Esquimalt) (MPU[E]) but because Base members often wear uniforms or are identifiable in other ways, they are the clearest visible group using the roadway, the Base is playing a large role in getting out the message. However, Military Police will be stepping up patrols in other areas on Base where they can ticket.

“There is no doubt that street is frequently used by military members speeding to and from different parts of the Base; five minutes of observation during a work day reveals that. We are pleading for military members to please consider public safety and follow the rules of the road, both on Lyall Street and elsewhere,” said Warrant Officer (WO) Jeffrey Eves, MPU(E) Police Operations.

The Base is hoping to drive this message by appealing to members’ care for public safety and with the fact that the Defence Team loses credibility every time an identifiable military or civilian member of the Base breaks the law, said WO Eves.

“Those that still aren’t compelled to improve their driving should know that the Base and local police are increasing our enforcement efforts where we can in our respective areas – we will issue fines,” he said.

The Victoria Police Department echoed this sentiment.

“Back-to-school is around the corner and we will be stepping up our presence and enforcement in school and playground zones to keep our kids and young families safe. There is additional signage in place in the area of Lyall and Macaulay Streets, where some of this enforcement will be taking place,” said Inspector Michael Brown, Officer in Charge of VicPD’s Esquimalt division. “We know base members use the road; we know they are just trying to get to work, but still, that won’t stop us from giving a ticket when we have to.”

Traffic violation Hot Spots

Military Police Unit (Esquimalt) highlighted some areas near and on Base property where traffic violations frequently occur and have become safety concern areas. Drivers and cyclist are asked to be particularly mindful at these locations and may see increased police presence in these areas (civilian or military, depending on the location)

Near the base

  • Lyall Street and Macaulay Street
  • Lyall Street and Peter Street


  • Intersection of Hospital Road and Transport Road just past the Dockyard Main gate


  • Naden Way and Ontario Drive
  • Nelles Street and Head Street

Belmont Park

  • All of the Belmont Park Residential Housing Area
  • Belmont Road and College Drive


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