Coining support for veterans

Battle Buddy coin along with Dog Tags created by Leading Seaman (Retired) Debbi Ferguson, owner of Delta Fox Trot Designs.

Battle Buddy coin along with Dog Tags created by Leading Seaman (Retired) Debbi Ferguson, owner of Delta Fox Trot Designs.

Peter Mallett, Staff Writer

A military veteran has created a collectable coin for the ill and injured to let them know they are not alone.

The Battle Buddy Challenge Coin, says creator Leading Seaman (Retired) Debbi Ferguson, is a symbol of hope and support.

Those who purchase them for themselves become part of the Battle Buddy family. Those who buy them as a gift become a Battle Buddy, demonstrating that no one gets left behind.

That idea is echoed in the design, with a soldier carrying an injured comrade to safety. On the flip side, two hands interlock in a firm grip, symbolic of reaching out for help, with a maple leaf in the background. The coin has a silver antique finish and comes with a registered number and certificate with the name of the recipient.

Ferguson has also turned the design into a Battle Buddy dog tag, as some people prefer to wear the art rather than carry a coin.

“The purchaser of the coin is saying to the recipient, I have your back and I am there for you in the darkest hour, and will be there to pick you up in your time of need. I will always have your six.”

Ferguson created the coin and dog tag as part of her company Delta Fox Trot Designs, which she opened after leaving the military in 2008. She served for 14 years before a medical release.

She says the concept for the coin and terminology was drawn from Second World War infantry, with each soldier on the battlefield assigned a battle buddy or foxhole buddy. This life-or-death pact required one soldier to keep an eye out for threats while their battle buddy focussed on the enemy.

Her artistry extends beyond the coins and into military themed drawings, paintings, and logo designs placed on t-shirts, ball caps, and stickers. 

Partial proceeds from sales go to veteran charities such as the Canadian Legacy Project and Homes for Heroes Canada.

Coin pricing ranges from $19 to $97, depending on the presentation package, personalization, and style of display case. While most sales are domestic, she has sold to the U.S. and to far-away places such as Serbia, Australia, and New Zealand.

“This level of interest has truly made me realize I did the right thing when I created the coins because it helps bring our first line of defence people hope. It is saving lives,” said Ferguson. “As veterans and first line of defence personnel, we all suffer from some sort of work-related injury, and we struggle when not in uniform anymore. Yet, we all understand each other’s pain more than anyone else.”

Delta Fox Trot Design will be at the Feb. 27 MARPAC Health and Wellness Expo in the Naden gym. Ferguson says she looks forward to meeting and hearing the stories of other veterans from Victoria and further afield. To learn more about the company go to

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