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The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) team consists of three distinct workforces: Regular Force, Reserve Force and civilian that work together to deliver maritime effect for the Government of Canada.

While the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCN are evolving to more closely integrate these three components, each will always afford the nation with unique and specific capabilities.

As part of this evolution, the RCN is creating a Primary Reserve component for each of its managed occupations. This will enable employment and career progression, on a part-time basis, in every naval occupation.

Some occupations will be structured to allow direct entry for civilians and some, such as Marine Systems Engineering and Naval Combat Systems Engineering, will only allow Component Transfer from the Regular Force following attainment of the Operationally Functional Point (OFP).

Regardless, for many people, the Naval Reserve will offer an opportunity to continue to serve Canada in a military role but with a reduced and more flexible commitment of time. For those qualified sailors who can commit time, employment opportunities exist across the fleet and the institution in part-time, short-term and longer-term employment.

Beyond the ability to continue to serve with increased flexibility of employment, there are many other benefits to transferring to the Naval Reserve. More senior members, considering release to capitalise on their annuity benefit, who still desire to contribute and who have occupational knowledge and skills are encouraged to contact their local Naval Reserve Division to explore continued service options. They could benefit from the more flexible employment opportunities while providing leadership and skills developed over a career to a growing and operationally enhanced Naval Reserve.

Service within the Naval Reserve not only affords the employment and geographic stability some people desire, it also delivers the benefits of stability, pension considerations, medical and dental benefits, and educational reimbursement that members seek when considering employment options beyond the Regular Force.

If you wish to transfer to the Naval Reserve, then request the transfer through your release centre. If you still desire challenge, if you still desire comradery of shipmates, if you still want to serve the country, then look no further than the Naval Reserve.

Contact your local Naval Reserve Divisions or Director Naval Personnel and Training Reserve Occupation Management (CPO2 Gourlay, CPO2 Dionne, or CPO2 Gagnon) for further information, or visit for employment opportunities.

Component Transfer –
Reserve Force to Regular Force Employment Opportunities

The Naval Reserve has always been a valued and valuable component of the RCN. Historically, the Naval Reserve has generated highly skilled and dedicated officers and sailors who have consistently contributed to the challenge of delivering maritime effect for the Government of Canada.

The Component Transfer process is an important part of maintaining continuity and delivering a stronger and more versatile RCN. The RCN’s Regular Force component relies on its relationship with the Naval Reserve to provide skilled and semi-skilled sailors and officers to its Trained Effective Strength. Many reservists have transferred to the Regular Force and the majority of these continue to enjoy exciting careers, gain experience, and build relationships that are a benefit beyond service.

The unique relationship with the Naval Reserve affords the RCN the opportunity to employ people who clearly understand the navy, who already have some or all the required training and who want to commit more to the nation.

The RCN invites all NAVRES members who are Ready to Help, Ready to Lead and Ready to Fight, to formalize that intent by submitting a Component Transfer request through the In-Service Selection process. The manager of your occupation will work with you and CMP to manage your transfer, conduct any Prior Learning Assessment and align your experiences, qualifications and training to employment opportunities. To increase the probability of a rapid and seamless transfer, ensure your medical and Force Test remains valid and direct any questions to your Occupation Manager, D Nav P&T 3  or visit

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