Day Sail with the Base medical team

Base Medical Team

Day sail on HMCS Ottawa. Photo: Courtesy of Lt(N) Adrian Thow.

Kelley Stark, 
Maritime Forces Pacific Public Affairs

On Oct. 27, health services professionals from CFB Esquimalt were invited to sail the high seas for a day to experience a small portion of a sailors’ life aboard.

Having exposure to how sailors work, live and fight at sea gives our medical team a better understanding on what each sailor needs to stay healthy and remain functional aboard a ship.

“Sometimes, when medical professionals prescribe limitations for our members, they may not fully grasp what work they can or cannot do,” says Lieutenant (Navy) Adrian Thow, Pacific Fleet Chief’s Flag Lieutenant.

He explains that having the health services professionals experience life onboard means they can prescribe more meaningful limitations.

“To prevent losing track of our sailors, we aim to gainfully employ our members as much as we can,” says Lt (N) Thow.

When the medical staff understands the positions and the movement of the ships, they can work together with the sailor and unit to find a way for them to contribute and continue working.


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