Don’t leave home without travel insurance

Protect your travels & save 10% on rates

Protect your travels & save 10% on rates

To avoid incurring out-of-pocket expenses, should you require medical treatment (including new medication) while you’re away, remember to get the SISIP Travel Insurance, offered through Manulife. Plus, members of the CAF community save 10 per cent on rates.

This new product is underwritten by Manulife and offered exclusively to the CAF Community.

For most vacations, you can’t get where you’re going without flying, which may pose some health issues. Here are a few tips to stay well while you’re in the air.

Be aware of the air – Cabin pressure is particularly strong at high altitudes, resulting in less available air. It’s recommended that you take long, relaxed breaths while flying to avoid the possibility of breathing becoming laboured.

Avoid deep vein thrombosis – Some passengers can be at risk for this condition, especially on long flights; to help guard against this, try standing up and walking for several minutes every hour or so.

Strengthen your immune system – When you’re in a closed environment with dry air, as you are during a flight, illnesses can spread very easily. Avoiding foods with high sugar content can help your body fight off bacteria more effectively.

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  1. Tom Chapman says:

    Good advice, cheers for the share. The tips about deep vein thrombosis are especially useful and not to be taken lightly. Finally, I’d add bring along some sweets to help with the air pressure changes as well as earplugs and an eyemask.

    Not getting any sleep on a 12 hour flight really sucks.

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