Filmmaker ‘going bold’ at the Base

Joetey Attariwala with Lieutenant (Navy) Kevin Okihiro at Fleet Diving Unit (Pacific) for the ‘Go Bold‘ video series. Photo: Lieutenant (Navy) Pamela Hogan.

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A soon-to-be-aired documentary featuring CFB Esquimalt military personnel explores how diversity in the Canadian Armed Forces has changed in recent years.

“I really wanted to showcase the people of Maritime Forces Pacific, all who serve with honour and integrity,” said Joetey Attariwala, author of the documentary and podcast titled Go Bold With Joetey Attariwala: Talking to Real Life Heroes.

Attariwala, 50, is a medical doctor turned military journalist, photographer, and a familiar face at the Base. He created a six-part documentary series involving the Royal Canadian Navy under Telus’s Storyhive Voices 1.0 initiative. The initiative offered 100 grants and educational support to Alberta and B.C. residents for their first filmmaking experience.

The intention of Storyhive Voices 1.0 was to share the stories new local filmmakers are passionate about. Attariwala said he knew he wanted to capture sailors with diverse stories and backgrounds.

“I started out my series with Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee because I wanted to hear his motivation to join, the emphasis on diversity in recruiting, and what it takes to lead the formation and people under his command,” Attariwala said.

The interview was recorded earlier this year at the Base when VAdm Topshee was still a Rear-Admiral and then-Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific.

The second episode features an interview with Alex Marshall, a firefighter at  CFB Esquimalt Fire and Rescue Services, while the third and fourth episodes turn to members of the Canadian Submarine Force (CANSUBFOR).

“My one-on-one interviews with these submariners were absolutely amazing and exhibit how each is highly knowledgeable about every aspect of their vessel and how proud they were to serve for the Canadian Submarine Force,” Attariwala said.

Attariwala then ventures across Esquimalt Harbour to Colwood for his final two episodes, interviewing Fleet Diving Unit (Pacific) personnel.

“It is important for me to tell the stories of sailors who come from different walks of life, races, ethnicities, genders, and cultural backgrounds as they are the true reflection of who makes up Canada’s society and military,” he said.

Attariwala, who is Sikh, said the recent trends of increasing diversity in the Canadian Forces and making this the subject of his first film has also been very inspiring and reassuring on a personal level.

“This journey through film has been very humbling because they are all fantastic, hardworking people who are doing their very best to serve their country,” he said.

Attariwala is planning to film a second series exploring different jobs, trades, and departments on a Canadian warship.

Go Bold With Joetey Attariwala: Talking to Real Life Heroes will be available exclusively on Telus Optik TV starting Nov. 15.

Joetey Attariwala speaks with Master Sailor Jimmy Chou onboard HMCS Corner Brook for the ‘Go Bold’ video series. Photo: Lieutenant (Navy) Pamela Hogan.

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