FORCE drop-in testing ceases



As of Jan. 22, Personnel Support Programs (PSP) will no longer be accepting drop-in participants for FORCE testing.

FORCE testing, unlike other CAF Fitness Evaluations, is not conducive to allowing drop-ins due to the evaluation protocol. 

Rest times set by FORCE testing protocol are stretched when there are more people than what PSP can accommodate, leading to unfair advantages and disadvantages across the board. 

In addition to this, PSP bases staffing levels off of the number of registered participants, and struggles to accommodate large influxes of drop-ins.

Each unit should have their own FORCE Test Coordinator, who takes on the role of booking members, and PSP encourages units to have a 2IC for this tasking.

Should a unit need to set up an IC or 2IC with access, they can contact PSP at either 250-363-4485 or 250-363-4412.

If a member is deploying and there are no open test spaces available, the unit is to contact the PSP Fitness Coordinator, Alyssa Jesson, at 250-363-4495. These circumstances will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and the member/unit will be required to show the appropriate documentation (DAG sheet) in order to process the request. 

If people have any questions, or would like a copy of the memo, please contact Fitness Coordinator Alyssa Jesson:

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