Frigate repaired and ready for trials

HMCS Winnipeg prepares to leave drydock

HMCS Winnipeg prepares to leave the drydock.

On Thursday, Nov. 28, HMCS Winnipeg emerged from the Esquimalt Graving Dock repaired and ready to take on the challenges of trials and an operational programme that commenced in the New Year.  

Its five week and five days in the graving dock was related to damage sustained during the allision with “American Dynasty” in April. Winnipeg had just moved to dockyard from Victoria Shipyards Limited, having completed a docking work period, and was in the midst of its post docking extended work period when the allision occurred.  

“American Dynasty” struck Winnipeg on the port bow causing it to strike the jetty, which resulted in further damage to the starboard side, starboard quarter and stern flap. On Oct. 25 it entered the graving dock to allow Victoria Shipyards Limited to conduct structural repairs suffered during the allision.     

Concurrent to these repairs, Winnipeg received maintenance on its sonar, various underwater sensors, and completed a thorough cleaning of the props.

Victoria Shipyard’s staff rectified damage to areas on the starboard side, just outside of the oparations room and the main cafeteria, while Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton had repaired the damage done to the port side and transom prior to entering the graving dock.

In total, Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton and Victoria Shipyards Limited replaced nine vertical structural beams that form the structure of the ship, nine longitudinals that form the horizontal frames of the structure of the ship, three bulkheads and five sections of shell plating. As well they had to repair two sections of deck and three shock mounts.

While the allision of April 23, 2013, setback Winnipeg’s original timeline for commencing sea trials, the exceptional flexibility and superb coordination between the Formation, Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton, Victoria Shipyards Limited and Lockheed Martin Canada is now getting Winnipeg to high readiness.

Their collective efforts should ensure Winnipeg achieves its high readiness designation on time and in accordance with its pre-allision schedule.


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