Fundraiser pulls out the braun

19 Wing Buffalo plane pull

The 19 Wing Operation Team takes a turn in the 30 second challenge, hauling a 35 tonne aircraft down the tarmac.

Cheers echoed across the airfield as 12 teams at 19 Wing Comox competed to pull a 35-tonne CC-115 Buffalo search and rescue airplane across the tarmac during a GCWCC event on Wednesday, Nov. 13.

“We had approximately 120 military and civilian participants involved in the Buffalo Pull,” said event co-organizer, Captain Jeremy Maltais, chair for the Government of Canada’s Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) at 19 Wing Comox. “It was a great team-building event that promoted physical fitness, while raising $1,350 towards our $45,000 goal for the GCWCC.”

Following a group warm-up led by Personnel Support Program fitness staff, the competition began with the goal of seeing which 10-member team could pull the aircraft farthest in 30 seconds.

“Teams found that once the airplane’s wheels started to turn, momentum was easy to sustain, but getting a 35-ton airplane to roll from a dead stop was difficult,” said Sergeant Cesar Esteban, co-chair of the 19 Wing GCWCC.

Following the competition, the Combined Aircraft Servicing team, made up of technicians from 19 Air Maintenance, 407 and 442 Squadrons was named the winner, pulling the aircraft 100 feet. A celebratory fundraising lunchtime barbeque was also held following the event.  

“This type of activity generates a lot of friendly competition among the units and squadrons on base, and is also a lot of fun,” said Capt Maltais.

While 19 Wing members are committed to helping their communities throughout the year through volunteering, the importance of the Workplace Charitable Campaign cannot be understated given that many people in the Comox Valley are touched by at least one of the several organizations supported by the Comox Valley United Way.  The Buffalo Pull was just one of several GCWCC fundraising events held at 19 Wing this year, from 19 Air Maintenance Squadron’s Pancake Breakfast, to Wing-wide bake sales.

A back-up aircraft was used for the event and 442 Squadron’s search and rescue readiness was not affected by the activity.

-Capt Trevor Reid, 19 Wing PAO

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