Get powerfully fit with Operation Powerfit

Matt Carlson leads Operation Powerfit

Personnel Support Programs fitness and sports coordinator Matt Carlson leads Operation Powerfit, an inclusive and extensive workout regimen. Here, he uses a Bosu ball to augment the traditional push-up.

In the Canadian Forces maintaining fitness is part of the job, but for some it’s hard to find fun, inclusive ways to work out.
For those wanting a full body workout, there’s Operation Powerfit.

“I wanted to create a new fitness experience for people to get excited about,” says Matt Carlson, Operation Powerfit instructor and certified personal trainer.

No two classes are the same in Operation Powerfit. What’s important is to encourage your body to break out of its usual routine, says Carlson.
This variety is key to what makes Operation Powerfit so effective.

“Doing the same workouts all the time can cause your energy to level off and stagnate,” he says. “With Powerfit I like to keep the workouts both enjoyable and challenging so my participants are constantly engaged and always looking forward to the next session.”

The gear used in Powerfit is as diverse as the workouts, and includes bodyweight resistance, free weights, kettle bells, and Bosu balls.

“Great things can be achieved in a workout so long as you have great technique,” says Carlson. “Keeping your equipment varied as well as your workouts adds an extra layer of adaptation for your body that can produce very positive results.”

This round of classes takes place from May 7-30. Classes are Tuesdays and Thursday from 4:15-5:15 p.m. in the NAC upper gym. Any one is welcome: Canadian Forces, DND employees, and civilian. Classes are $80 for eight classes for CF and DND members, and $90 for eight classes for civilians. For those who can’t commit to the full month but would still like to participate, drop in sessions are an option at $11 a class.

This session will be the second for Operation Powerfit, the first having ended in March.

“It was a real success,” says Carlson. “People joined for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s preparing for the new CAF fitness evaluation, gaining strength from an injury, or just to get in shape for the beach months ahead. I received some positive feedback and look forward to run these sessions all spring and summer.”

For more information or to sign up head down to the NAC or Colwood Pacific Activity Centre (CPAC) kiosks or call 250-363-1009.

Shawn O’Hara, Staff Writer

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