Goalie scoops national sportsmanship award


Goalie LS Josee Cholette holds her newly awarded Sportsmanship Award, received at the National Women’s Hockey Championships at CFB Borden in February.

“I’m a fighter – so I always want to win,” says LS Josee Cholette, 43, goalie for CFB Esquimalt’s women’s hockey team.

“I always want to give 100 per cent.”

LS Cholette, who began playing hockey when she was eight years old, is this year’s recipient of the Sportsmanship Award, presented to her at the National Women’s Championships in Borden, Ontario, on Feb. 26.

The team played against the other four regions – Quebec, the Prairies, Ontario, and the Atlantic.

LS Cholette was posted to Esquimalt in 2011, but missed nationals from that year until 2012, when she was deployed.

She says she had no idea she would win the award, but guesses it may have something to do with the 40 to 50 shots she blocked on average at every game.

“I think I won the award because I never give up,” she says. “Even when the other team scores, I’m ready for the next shot, and then the next.”

Though CFB Esquimalt placed fifth at nationals this year, LS Cholette isn’t disappointed.

“Yes, we lost, but we’re still happy,” she says. “When we play together, we have the best team spirit – we know that everyone gave it their best.”

The Sportsmanship Award is given to the best team player out of the five regional teams, and is traditionally awarded to “skaters”.

Rachel Lallouz
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