Help needed to thwart vandalism on sports fields

These images show the size and nature of the spikes being deliberately placed in the base sports fields. The pens are shown for scale.

In light of two recent targeted, malicious acts against CFB Esquimalt’s recreational facilities I feel that I must bring this issue to the attention of the local community.

Since 2012 unknown persons have been vandalizing the Base sports fields, specifically the ball diamonds and soccer pitch located near Naden on Colville Road.  I use the word vandalism but that really does not adequately describe the extent of it. Hundreds of metal spikes and pieces of barbed wire have been buried in the surface of these fields.  Clearly this is more than just a prank meant to inconvenience users.

Military members utilize these fields to keep fit through sporting activity. The fields are also made available to local sports leagues and teams from the Greater Victoria community; it is not uncommon to see children and families engage in a soccer match or ball game on DND fields.

I have no idea why someone would repeatedly carry out such a despicable act. If that someone is reading this letter, then I ask you to stop and consider your actions, and the potential harm that might come from it. If you are not happy with how the soccer pitch and ball diamonds are being used, or if you have other grievances, then put pen to paper and send me a letter.

Our Military Police are actively investigating these unlawful acts; however, I also need the community’s help in finding the perpetrator(s) and ensure that they are held accountable.  If you see any suspicious activity or have any information that you think would aid us in our investigation please contact the 24/7 Military Police dispatch phone line at 250-363-4032.  To submit a tip anonymously contact either the Military Police tip line at 250-363-TIPS (8477) or Victoria Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

These images show the size and nature of the spikes being deliberately placed in the base sports fields. The pens are shown for scale.

Thankfully, no one has been injured. That said, clean-up of the fields following each case does come at financial cost, as do any additional security measures we may be required to take.  For our community partners, I want to continue making the fields available for organized sporting use; rest assured I will do whatever I can to offer a safe environment. In turn, I am asking for your help. If you know who it is, encourage them to reach out to me – I will always listen.

Captain(Navy) Steve Waddell
Base Commander CFB Esquimalt

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  1. Lookout says:

    We will be happy to pass your offer along. Thanks very much.

  2. Lookout says:

    The Military Police are investigating a number of different options to help bring an end to the vandalism. They are not releasing any details at this time.

  3. Wayne bartlett says:

    Good evening sir, I’m LS Bartlett off the HMCS Algonquin. I belong to a group of metal detectors, one of them is also a Cheif on the Algonquin. I’m sure I could get a team together to volunteer to come out on an off work schedule to clear the feild of any metal hazards that have been planted to injure our troops and civilians who use the feilds regularly. I myself as well as the crew of Algonquin use the provided sports fields weekly. I’m sure all would agree we would like to stay fit as well as deployable at sea and in our community if the need arises.

  4. Andrea Palmer says:

    I play ball at colville. Totally found metal there last summer but didn’t think anything of it.I Will definitely keep this in mind and let someone know this upcoming season.

    Is there any way of putting up a camera at the fields? ?

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