HMCS Regina crew members aid accident victim

Regina crew member helps car accident victim

Members of HMCS Regina assist an injured motorist during a traffic accident on a major highway in Tanzania on March 18 during a port visit.

While on leave in Tanzania March 18, members of HMCS Regina rendered assistance to an injured driver at the scene of a motor vehicle accident on a major highway.

The crew members were travelling on Tanzania’s major east-west highway back to the port city of Dar es Salaam when they came upon the accident. A tractor trailer had collided with another vehicle. Damage was so severe the cab of the tractor trailer was crushed, pinning the injured driver in the vehicle.

“The situation was chaotic when we first arrived on scene as the injured driver was in significant pain and distress,” said Cpl Wade McAllister.

Military members took immediate action to control the scene, direct the rescue effort, provide first aid, and extract the injured driver from the vehicle.

Some crewmembers assisted the injured driver, while the others pried the cab open so they could extract the driver. Once the driver was safely out of the vehicle, an individual, who identified himself as a physician, took over his care.

Members directed everybody at the scene to return to their vehicles, and then resumed their trip back to their ship.

“I am very proud of how they performed as a team under these difficult circumstances and their actions are a credit to HMCS Regina and the Royal Canadian Navy at large,” said Cdr Dan Charlebois, Commanding Officer of Regina. “The Tanzanians watching us on the highway that day will always remember how the Canadians helped a total stranger in his most desperate hour of need.”

Regina is currently at sea conducting maritime security and counter-terrorism operations off the east coast of Africa as part of Operation Artemis. Operation Artemis is Canada’s contribution to Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150), a multinational maritime task force combating terrorism across the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean, and the Gulf of Oman.

-Lt(N) Mark Fifield, Op Artemis Roto 4 PAO

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  1. Sean Sutton says:

    Way to go guys!

  2. Martha says:

    WELL DONE HMCS Regina!!
    PROUD of you!!

  3. Laurie White-Robillard says:

    Thank you guys for making us so proud of you yet again!

  4. Arthur Farrell says:

    Not to take away from the great deed they did,I am not surprised. After all they are Canadian. The word Ca

  5. JoyceLavigne says:

    Gotta love our boys.

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