HMCS Sackville K181 – Just For the Hull of It Campaign


Patrick Charlton
CNMT Volunteer

After serving for almost 80 years, HMCS Sackville is gearing up to serve another half century or more as Canada’s Naval Memorial.

Sackville is owned, maintained, and operated by the volunteer Canadian Naval Memorial Trust (CNMT) in honour of all those who have served in our Naval Service, and in particular, in memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice.  In 1985, the Government designated Sackville Canada’s Naval Memorial.

War History – Battle of the Atlantic 1939-1945

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), in partnership with maritime units of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and the Merchant Navy, played a pivotal role in ensuring the sea lines of communications and logistics were maintained during the longest and most critical battle of the Second World War. 

The RCN lost 24 ships and suffered 2,210 fatalities; it destroyed or shared in the destruction of 33 U-Boats and 42 enemy surface vessels. HMCS Sackville is the last of the Allies’ fleet of 269 corvettes built for the war at sea.

HMCS Sackville Today

The operation and long-term preservation of Sackville, commissioned in 1941, has changed in the last few years. It will now be part of a new Canadian Maritime Heritage District in downtown Halifax.  However, the watertight integrity of the 205-foot warship must be addressed to ensure the ship can take full advantage of its place on the waterfront in the coming years. Specifically, the plan is to re-skin the ship below the waterline with new 3/8 inch plate steel, with the cost in the order of $12 million. 

When the project is complete, Sackville will be safe in the water and continue to serve for another five decades and more.

Continuing to tell the story of the Battle of the Atlantic, the arduous conditions that sailors lived through, and the constant dangers of life at sea during the Second World War is important in keeping the rich history of the Royal Canadian Navy and all who serve at sea relevant for Canadians.

Just For The Hull of It Campaign

Funds raised during the Just For The Hull of It Campaign will be designated to the CNMT Preservation Fund for the critical and necessary work to safeguard the ship.

How can you help?

The financial support from members of the CNMT and Canadians (individuals and corporate) from across the country is crucial to the success of this project.  Those interested in supporting HMCS Sackville can consider taking out a membership or making a direct donation as well as a contribution “In Honour” or “In Memory” of a family member, friend, or colleague. Support from HMC Ships and shore units is most welcome. All contributions, large or small, will help and an official tax receipt will be issued for a donation of $10 or more. 

For more information on the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust, HMCS Sackville, and the Just For The Hull of It campaign, visit


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  1. David Warburton says:

    I would like to contribute In memory of my father Lt Harry Warburton RNVR who was in and out of Halifax many times in K16 HMS Geranium.
    A visit to HMCS Sackville is on my bucket list.

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