HMCS Winnipeg crewmembers share duo award while deployed

S2 Andree-Anne Dion-Tessier and Cpl Tyler Doyle shared the Sailor of the Quarter award.

S2 Andree-Anne Dion-Tessier and Cpl Tyler Doyle shared the Sailor of the Quarter award.

Peter Mallett
Staff Writer

Two junior members of HMCS Winnipeg are co-recipients of Canadian Fleet Pacific’s Sailor of the Quarter Award.

Cpl Tyler Doyle, an aviator, and S2 Andree-Anne Dion-Tessier were recognized with the award designated for junior sailors in the final quarter of 2021. They were presented their commendations in late November while their ship was nearing the end of a four-month deployment in the Asia-Pacific region for Operations Neon and Projection.

Both winners said the award came as a complete surprise. The two were told to report to Commanding Officer Cdr Doug Layton’s cabin in the early morning but had no inkling what was in store.

“I was half awake when there was a knock on my door. I had to find clean clothes in the dark and then wondered what I had done wrong to be called into the CO’s cabin,” says S2 Dion-Tessier. “I ran to his cabin but then saw Cpl Tyler Doyle there and my Coxswain and the CO and they told me they had an important call for me.”

Both recipients were surprised to see the ship’s entire chain of command in attendance. When the presentation ceremony began they were greeted by Commodore Dave Mazur, Commander CANFLTPAC, and CPO1 Arvid Lee, Fleet Chief, who were dialled in via telephone.

S2 Dion-Tessier, 31, works aboard Winnipeg as a Boatswain. She is originally from Saint-Raymond, QC, and previously worked as a cook before joining the navy three years ago. She believes her high-energy and friendliness helped gain recognition for Sailor of the Quarter honours.

“Most of the time I’m happy, smiling, helping others,” she says. “I am also a hard worker, like to get things done, and am able to recognize when a job needs to be done.”

Cpl Tyler Doyle is an Aviation Systems Technician at 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron who was embarked with the CH 148 Cyclone Helicopter detachment. The married 36-year-old father of one from Penticton, B.C., has been a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for over four years. He said the award was more of a surprise to him because he is not a member of the navy and didn’t realize he was eligible.

“I’m honoured to be receiving this award and honestly I believe all of my co-workers would deserve it just the same,” says Cpl Doyle.

The award winners only knew each other in passing as their two trades don’t work together, said Cpl Doyle.

“We might be two different components but our ethics and ethosare the same,” he adds. “We all work and train together in the tight workspace of the ship and this only verifies the fact that the navy and air force are able to integrate at a high level of professionalism and carry out all our jobs.”

Canadian Fleet Pacific recognizes junior sailors who perform their duties above and beyond the high standard demanded of them on a quarterly basis. The award celebrates their military service in a positive and meaningful way, and considers their professionalism, dress and deportment, job performance, volunteer and community service, and other achievements.


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