HMCS Winnipeg: I wear a Poppy…

Lieutenant (Navy) Riley Perrior

My family has served in the military for 13 generations, starting in the UK and moving into Canada, and so the poppy is not just a way for me to remember them, but also to carry on the lineage of service.


Sub-Lieutenant Xiang Zhou

… to remember all the history of the Armed Forces and to show respect for the fallen.


Private Alex Measures

… to remember all the sacrifices of the people who have come before me.


Sailor Second Class Justyn Ramharrack

… to remember those who gave their life for this country.


Sailor First Class Ryan Smith

… for all the soldiers, sailors and aviators who served before me.


Chief Petty Officer Second Class Raymond Ferguson

… to remember our fallen soldiers, those who went before us.


Sailor First Class Sebastien Swann

… for remembering all the troops that have fallen in war.


Sailor First Class Anne Marie Russell

… to honour and remember all the people before me that made the ultimate sacrifice and served our country.


Corporal Adam Weddel

… to remember the Airmen and Airwomen who came before me.


Captain Joe Anderson

… to remember all those who came before me and laid their lives on the line for our freedom.


Petty Officer Second Class  Luc Pelletier

… because my grandfather fought in the Second World War and whenever I wear it reminds me of the sacrifices that he made for everything that I have today.

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