IDs will be checked at all base entry control points

commissionaire checks the identification of a contractor

A commissionaire checks the identification of a contractor working in dockyard.

On any given weekday, about 1,800 people pass through the main gate of HMC Dockyard.

These people are a mix of military members, civilian employees, contractors, visitors and delivery personnel.

However, everyone who wants entry to HMC Dockyard, whether on foot or in a vehicle, must be cleared through an Entry Control Checkpoint.  

Checkpoints are usually manned by Commissionaires. They require that personnel seeking entry into the Dockyard, or any other Controlled Access Zone, provide to them a valid photo ID.

Recently, there has been a slight change to the way ID is checked.

Commissionaires now require all personnel to show their ID in a way that enables them to confirm the expiry date on the document, and visually inspect the photo to confirm the identity of the holder.

The practice of flashing  ID while slowly driving past the gate is no longer acceptable. Those unable to produce valid identification will be denied access. Although this may slow the flow of traffic, the result is a safer workplace. People are asked to have their ID at the ready prior to arriving at a checkpoint.

Force Protection teams such as Military Police and/or members of the Formation Auxiliary Security Force may conduct random security measures such as vehicle and baggage searches. These random searches of personnel and baggage are authorized under Defence Controlled Access Area Regulations (DCAAR’s), which states:

As a condition of being given access to any defence establishment, every person shall, on the demand of a security guard, submit to a search of his person or personal property while entering or exiting any such place or materiel or any restricted area within such place or materiel.

Where a person refuses to submit to a search of his person or personal property when required to do so pursuant to Section 11 of DCAAR, the person may:

(a) if the person is seeking entry, be denied access; or

(b) if the person is exiting, have his person and his personal property searched by a security guard who shall use only such force as is necessary for that purpose.

Questions regarding access control should be directed to the Military Police Unit Esquimalt, Dispatch Desk at 250-363-4032 and ask for the Security Office Cell.

-Military Police Unit

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