Iron Man skirts for cancer

LS Stephon Mullet of HMCS Vancouver might feel a little chafed when he competes in the Aug. 26 Iron Man Canada Triathlon.

The layers of green nylon that form the tutu he’ll be wearing may rub in the wrong places.

Triathlons are hard work on the best of days, and a tutu isn’t exactly standard endurance gear. But if LS Mullet meets his fundraising goal of $10,000, he’s pledged to compete in the running and cycling portions of the triathlon in a tutu.

It isn’t the first time he’s donned the costume. He wore it for this year’s Times Colonist 10K, as well as the Victoria Triathlon.

Why? In support of his charity “Fighting Cancer Below the Belt”, a organization that raises funds and brings awareness to the various forms of gynaecological cancer that affect approximately 80, 000 women world-wide.

“My friend’s mom is battling cancer, so I figured I’d wear the tutu for her,” he says. “I’ve lost a friend to cancer in the past, so I want to do what I can to help.”

LS Mullet isn’t a stranger to endurance sports. He competed in Iron Man Canada last year, sans tutu.

To prepare for this year’s event, LS Mullet trains six days a week for between three and five hours a day.

“I’m swimming three days a week, running four days a week and I cycle every day.I’m ready,” he says.

Fitness is a priority for LS Mullet, who believes all Canadian Forces members should stay fit.

“If I don’t stay fit, I can’t do the job. It helps me keep in fighting shape, and I can help support a great cause.”

To donate to LS Mullet’s cause, a donation page can be found on

Shawn O’Hara,  Staff Writer

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