A joint effort during Exercise Scottish Cossaint


With the actions of a raid complete, soldiers of The Canadian Scottish Regiment are moved from the objective at high speed by sailors of HMCS Malahat using rigid hulled inflatable boats.

SLt Donald Den / Capt Cameron Park
HMCS Malahat PAO / Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) PAO

Soldiers of The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) alongside sailors from HMCS Malahat participated in Exercise Scottish Cossaint between Feb. 19 to 21.

Soldiers conducted patrols and raids in the training area and waters at Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot (CFAD) Rocky Point near Victoria, B.C.

Sailors from Malahat supported the exercise with three rigid hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs) and one Defender-class boat on loan from the Naval Security Team in Esquimalt.

Deploying to the training area Friday evening, the soldiers were immediately immersed into a training scenario in which a hostile enemy force was present in the area, including a possible mortar position on Bentink Island.

Reconnaissance patrols deployed under cover of darkness to locate and observe likely enemy positions, while the remaining platoons readied themselves to conduct raids and ambushes using the information gathered.

The added mobility provided to the Canadian Scottish Regiment by Malahat would be a key element of the exercise. Before using their boats to transport soldiers, sailors from Malahat briefed the infantry platoons on the use of RHIBs, including actions on what to do in emergency circumstances such as falling overboard.

“For the soldiers, it’s a great opportunity. It’s another valuable experience that adds to their soldier skills,” said LCol Scott Cessford, Canadian Scottish Regiment Commanding Officer. “It’s an exciting experience being in the boats moving at high speed across the water, and it makes the commitment and effort each of them puts into the training all the more rewarding.” 

While the soldiers were working on land, sailors from Malahat were able to work on their navigation skills on the water between Bentink Island and Rocky Point. This included the unique opportunity to conduct night navigation training.

“Working with the Canadian Scottish Regiment in a littoral environment and moving soldiers ashore offered our sailors a different experience that was enjoyed by both groups,” said Lt(N) Robin Whitney, Malahat’s Deck Officer. “This sort of joint training is not only fun but also important to diversify our skillsets.”

By bringing two elements of the Canadian Armed Forces to train together, army and navy, it offered a unique opportunity for both units to train for a more realistic combat situation – an amphibious landing transitioning to a land-based operation. The exercise also allowed for training between the two units to work out how both would ensure consistent lines of supply and communication in the event of a real domestic or international event.

“A joint exercise adds value to the training at every level. In terms of operational planning, we’re able to practice how we plan and coordinate with another branch of the CAF who have different operational requirements than an infantry regiment does,” said LCol Cessford.

At the conclusion of the exercise, soldiers and sailors from both reserve units returned home. As members of the army and navy reserve, the next day signalled a return to their civilian careers while reflecting on the rewards and challenges of the weekend.


For information on joining the Army or Navy Reserve, contact:

  • The Canadian Scottish Regiment or the Army Reserve, call 250-363-8153 or email esqcscotrrecruiting@forces.gc.ca
  • HMCS Malahat or the Naval Reserve at 250-363-3883 or email Jobs_Malahat-Emploi_Malahat@forces.gc.ca


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