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Photo by Peter Mallett

Photo by Peter Mallett

Peter Mallett, Staff Writer ~

As LS Daniel D’Sa sees it, the best things in life are by design.

Currently a stores man at Naval Fleet School Pacific by day, he also owns and operates a local business in Victoria. Last year he launched his company Daniel D’Sa Designs Inc. which focuses on designing and renovating homes.

“While some people find it enjoyable to read a novel in their spare time, for me it’s all about combing through technical manuals and architectural journals; that’s what I gravitate towards,” he says.

Before a back injury developed at sea got him posted to shore, he relished his work as part of the marine systems engineer department with the navy. He’s drawn from those skills and applied them to transforming people’s living spaces.

“I focus mainly on interior design and see a project through from its infancy to completion,” he explains.  “I am the guy who works directly with my clients to find out what they want, and come up with a concept that reflects the practicality of the space, cohesion of the design, and the mood the client is trying to create.”

He enlisted as a reservist with 32nd Brigade Group in Toronto about the same time he studied industrial design and design foundations at Humber College.

The 2008 recession led him to move to Wainwright, Alta., where he was offered a full-time Class B position with The Canadian Maneuvering Training Center. During his time in Wainwright, D’Sa bought a state-of-the-art large format printer/cutter and opened his own printing business after recognizing a need; area businesses wore a path to his door.

“All businesses have been positive experiences,” he says. “I’m really good at moving to a location, finding out what the need is, and adapting.”

He re-mustered to the navy and moved to Victoria in 2012. The housing industry was just beginning to boom and D’Sa seized the opportunity to do renovation work around the city. Launching his business, he says, was the next logical step.

“Born into a family of artists and designers, designing is my niche. My father is a professional artist and I have two brothers who manage their own construction companies,” he says.

For those interested in refreshing their space visit www.danieldsadesigns.com

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