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LCdr Nicholas Marasco proposes to Stacey Brine on C Jetty.

LCdr Nicholas Marasco proposes to Stacey Brine on C Jetty.

Will Chaster, MARPAC PA ~

Proposals can occur in many different ways and places.

From mountain tops to scuba dives, and anything in-between; the ways in which one can pop “the question” are endless.

Last week that uniqueness unfolded in dockyard.

As Stacey Brine stood at Duntze Head to watch HMCS Chicoutimi sail by, bringing home her boyfriend LCdr Nicholas Marasco after a deployment at sea, she saw an unusual sight. A line of submariners stood on the submarine’s surfaced hull holding up signs that spelled “Will you marry me?”

Waiting in the wings to hear the response was Lt(N) John Pischedda. When she said “yes” he hollered to those waiting by the port flag halyard to raise the signal flags spelling out the affirmative response.

“I knew something was up,” said Stacey “He’s got a really bad poker face.”

When Chicoutimi came alongside C jetty, an eager, grinning LCdr Marasco climbed the gangway and dropped to one knee, in his hands, the traditional box with diamond ring. As the couple embraced the crowd of submariners and onlookers cheered.

The two have known each other since age nine and have always kept in touch.

“Things just went from there,” says Stacey.

Now the couple are reviewing the calendar to pick a date for their wedding It may include a signal flag or two.

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