Major power outages on base – where and when

What is happening?
Power to the CFB Esquimalt areas of Dockyard, Signal Hill, and Naden will be disrupted for approximately eight hours due to a planned power outage.

When is this happening?
This is scheduled to take place Sunday August 24, 0830hrs until approximately 1630hrs.

Why is this happening?
This power interruption is required to perform repair work on the high voltage power distribution system within the base, as well as repairs to the high voltage system at the Esquimalt Graving Dock.

The following will be affected:

  • All buildings and structures within the Dockyard gates, and on Signal Hill.
  • All buildings in Naden including the Arena, Base Gym and CANEX.
  • All Dockyard and Naden Jetties including ships’ power supplies.
  • Esquimalt Graving Dock.
  • Critical buildings and systems will be dependent on permanently installed generators.

Note: Not all buildings on base are backed up with generators. No portable generators will be provided.

The following will not be affected:

  • Naden Health Services Clinic.
  • Work Point all areas.
  • All outlying areas not located in Esquimalt.  (ie. Colwood, Albert Head, Armouries, etc)
  • Emergency services will be available.
  • Alarm systems will function on battery backed up power.
  • Phone lines are not anticipated to be effected.

Note: If using a cell phone to call 911, tell the dispatcher your location is CFB Esquimalt and request to be transferred to the Base Fire Hall.

What accommodations and food services will be affected?
All housing units and accommodation blocks within the gates of Naden and Dockyard, as well as all base messes located on Signal Hill will be affected. Housing units outside the gates, in Work Point, and in outlying areas will not be affected.
This power outage is planned to take place as stated; however, timings are subject to change due to the nature of the work.
Watch the MARPAC notice board for updates.

If you require more information, please contact:
Dean Marshall
Electrical Supervisor
Base Construction Engineering


Power outages from a BIS perspective

What is happening?
In order to replace UPS’s at Esquimalt Dockyard 199, a series of five power outages is scheduled for dates Aug. 16, 27, 28 and 29.

The new UPS’s will provide multiple UPS redundancy, which will allow for more effective Information Services maintenance in support of operations.

Sat Aug 16 0800 – 1600 
Wed  Aug 27 1800- Thursday Aug 28 0200
Thurs Aug 28 1800- Fri Aug 29 0200
Fri Aug 29 1800- Sat Aug 30 0200

="Major Power Outages"

Power outages on base chart.

No – that application / service will not be available
Yes – that application / service will be available
Possible – it could be available, we are still researching alternatives

GPNET will be available to all users, unless you have no power to your building.
Blackberrys will work as per normal.
DNET Login – users will be able to login.
DNET apps, network printers, such as splash screen, shared drives, all ESQ websites, notice board and applications that we host in D199 will not be available on Aug. 16, 27, 28, and 29.
DNET email will work as per normal.
CSNI Login – users will be able to login. Users will experience a slow connection. This is marked as possibly because we are trying alternatives for getting power to the equipment.
CSNI apps, network printers, such as splash screen, shared drives, all ESQ websites, notice board and applications that we host in D199 will not be available.
CSNI email will be possibly be down on Aug. 16, 27, and 29 as we are looking at alternative solutions.
Email, chat and VOIP to HMC Ships will not be available during outages on Aug. 16, 27, 28 and 29.
 Phones will work during all dates.

If you have any questions, please contact Rocky Passarell at 250-363-1168 or by email at

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