Manoeuvres at Sea – A Unique and Rare Opportunity with HMCS Victoria


SLt Wilson Ho
UPAR – HMCS Vancouver

Students of New Waterford Division, Naval Warfare Officer Course Phase IV were in the middle of their first week of their final phase of training Sept.14 when they encountered a submarine in their sights.

Students, split between the three Orca Class vessels – Orca 55, Grizzly 60, and Moose 62 – were conducting navigation training in the Southern Gulf Islands and the Strait of Georgia when they came across HMCS Victoria conducting its own program.

In a fine display of interoperability between submarines and patrol crafts, Victoria’s Commanding Officer offered the opportunity to integrate his submarine into the manoeuvring exercise. This was readily agreed to by the Officer in Tactical Command. The submarine’s participation not only provided additional manoeuvring time for the students, but it gave them the unique and rare opportunity to develop their visual appreciation for a surfaced submarine underway at sea.

“It is truly a unique opportunity for Orca Class vessels to conduct manoeuvres with our submarine force; this was a great experience for both the students and crew,” said Lieutenant Commander Ryan deForest, Commanding Officer of Patrol Craft Training Unit Pacific, and also the Officer in Tactical Control of the three Orca Class vessels.

This was also echoed by Victoria’s Commanding Officer.

“It was a pleasure for Victoria to support training for the next generation of Naval Warfare Officers and pique the interest of potential future submariners. As we continue with our programme, we will continue to monitor their training from the depths of the Strait of Georgia,” said LCdr Éric Isabelle.

After an exciting day of manoeuvres, the students continued to progress through the remaining two and a half weeks of their final sea phase. Once the final evaluations are completed, they will return back to the Naval Officer Training Centre Venture, complete Damage Control School training, and receive a posting to either the Canadian Pacific Fleet or the Canadian Atlantic Fleet to join their first warship

All core crew and students tested negative for COVID-19 prior to embarking on this sea phase.


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  1. Henry Noll says:

    What an amazing opportunity! It appears that our Navy is proving to continually produce the very best! Proud of you all! Thank you for your service !🙏

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