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You have two weeks behind you on your healthy eating pledge. Now it’s time to look at what you can focus on in week three.

Priortize portion size! When it comes to healthy eating, how much you eat can be just as important as what you eat.

Eating portions that are too big can lead to overeating and weight gain. Follow these tips to manage the munchies while enjoying realistic portions. Give yourself a hand! Size up your portions with handy estimates.

Wondering if you’re eating too much or too little? Use your hand and try these estimates on for size: 1 cup of leafy green veggies or 1 whole piece of fruit = 1 fist. Fresh, frozen or canned vegetables = ½ fist. 1 slice of bread or ½ bagel = 1 hand. 1 cup of milk or ¾ cup of yogurt = 1 fist. 50 grams of cheese = 2 thumbs. Serving of chicken = palm of hand. ¾ cup of pulses (e.g. lentils, black beans, chick peas) = 1 fist. Dietitians can help you manage your portion sizes and eat mindfully.

Check out some of these favourite dietitian-designed tips: Downsize big portions when eating out: split an entrée, skip appetizers or share dessert.

Turn off screens during meals so you are less likely to eat mindlessly long after you are satisfied.

Slow down when you eat. Put your fork down in between bites. For customized help with your diet find a dietitian in your area:

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