Meet Base Administration’s S1 Barkauskas – Charity Champion


2Lt Jamie Boparai
Base Administration

It’s no surprise when the National Defence Workplace Charity Campaign (NDWCC) kicks off each year. But what was surprising this year was the environment that it had to operate under.

Even so, when tapped on the shoulder by the Base Administration’s Executive Officer, Sailor First Class Barkauskas jumped at the opportunity to represent the unit as the NDWCC Representative.

“I knew it was going to be challenging this year with COVID-19. But I wasn’t going to be persuaded from taking up the challenge.”

He even upped the ante with a $5,000 fundraising goal.

The NDWCC is a yearly campaign, running from October to January, held on all bases across the country to raise money for various charities.

“One of the benefits offered by NDWCC is the ability to ensure your donation goes to the charity of your choice,” explains S1 Barkauskas. “There are hundreds of organizations that are able to receive donations through the NDWCC and this lets members choose a charity or a cause that means something to them on a personal level.”

He is the point of communication between the NDWCC organization, the command team, and his seven sectional representatives within Base Administration.

“I ensure our sectional reps are current with ongoing events, campaign information, canvassing efforts, and tracking donations. We have a great team this year and they are helping make it a lot fun.”

While the NDWCC offers an online service to donate through e-transfers or deductions directly off payroll, generally, a large portion of donations come from fun and creative events organized by the unit and section reps.

“Unfortunately, COVID has made this year’s fundraising efforts much more challenging. Ideas that may have been successful in other years are sometimes not viable because of provincial health restrictions and physical distancing measures. Parties, socials, and bake sales are just not practical this year.”

While some might see this as daunting, S1 Barkauskas and his team were excited about the possibilities of trying new and unique tactics.

“I worked with our sectional reps to create new ideas and fun ways to raise money. We did a 50/50 raffle and auctioned off the Coxswain’s parking spot, both of which were very successful. We were even able to get permission for members to donate to get nail and facemask chits.”

These chits allow members to temporarily stray from the dress regulations and paint their nails in unique and fancy patterns, as well as wear a face covering of their choice with interesting and colorful designs.

Unsurprisingly, Base Administration has blown past their goal of $5,000 with time still remaining in the campaign.

“One thing that continues to surprise me is our members’ enthusiasm to help the cause. People are constantly coming to me to bring new ideas and volunteer their time to organize events and help track donations.”

S1 Barkauskas is employed as part of the unit’s Basic Training List while he waits for his Weapons Engineering Technician trade training.

“I joined in 2011 as a Hull Tech, but with the amalgamation of the Electrician and Marine Engineer trades [now called Marine Tech] I thought I would try something new.”

His former trade is specialized in mechanical systems maintenance and operations while his new trade is focused on the combat systems on board ships.

“I am excited to begin my training in the New Year,” say S1 Barkauskas. “But at the same time I am pleased to have been selected to help organize and run such an important campaign while I wait for my training.”


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